G75:Carousing and Intersession

Intersession Notes/Plans

Cut Coutelain

Near bankrupt from his preparations for vengeance, Cut hangs around the Tower of the Boss. He curses, tends to his gear, does isokinetic exercise, and persists in asking passers-by if they want to spar. "Do you all plan to do something? Does that village have a boxing ring? Merde! I need to get some fight out of my system, you know?"

Boarface Bristlebrush

talks to Gathring and Odd

Hop-Frog Berbatov


On a chill September morn, Snickwick sits on a hilltop outside of Malinbois, watching the fog burn off down the length of the vale. Squirrels busy themselves gathering acorns for the coming winter, birds gather in their multitudes in anticipation of the coming migration, and the insects of the earth go on about their ephemeral lives with unrelenting attention and urgency.

There is wonderment to be found in the subtler workings of nature; the fascinating spiral of a Nautalis shell, the incredible strength of ram’s horns, the perfect symmetry of the spiderweb, the amazing efficiency of the floating dandelion seed. As a Gnomeling wandering the garden hills of his home, these were the miracles that enchanted the Roaming Gnome. When he first turned his mind to the science of invention, it was in an effort to reproduce these wonders… but perhaps he has gone awry…

In legends of Green David, no mention is made of flywheel crossbows or mechanized grapnels. Wiggesberth Owlrider didn’t build some flying machine of gears and cogs. Fleckwallow Parseltongue defeated the Black Serpent with his wits and his oaken staff, not a sword of hammered steel! Looking at himself, the Gnome wonders at what he has become – this stiff uniform, thes unwieldy devices, so many unnecessary accoutrements, Snickwick wonders if he has lost the true essence of the Maker Spirit that first drove him down the path of invention.

Snickwick will carouse in Malinbois to research and construct a replacement for his Gnomish crossbow. Snickwick will gather materials and retire to the workshops of the company lodge. He will also quest into the woods, meet with Jaina the witch, and negotiate with the craftsmen at Chateau Malinbois. His goal is to build a composite shortbow of great strength and durability, using his insights into the natural sciences to devise a device of superior make.

Assuming this might take some time, can we assume that Snickwick began this exploit after his return from session 75.

After harvesting just the right woods and procuring several hundred gold pieces' worth of exotic adhesives and reagents, Snickwick immerses himself in the art of bowcrafting. It is a subtle and complex craft, he discovers, involving a set of skills unfamiliar to him. Most particularly, he discovers to his chagrin that a week is not sufficient drying time for the glues involved when the bow falls apart in his hands.

(You rolled a 4, spending 400gp and earning 400xp. You rolled a 3 on 2d6: complete failure!)

Patientely tucking the finely carved parts and pieces into a box for later use, Snickwick heaves a centering sigh. A great tinkerer is not deterred by failure, indeed it only spurs him on ever more strongly! That said, he did make some minor computational errors regarding the amount of miniature elk backstraps used in the sinewing of the bow - and embarassingly finds himself 68 gold pieces in debt to the hag Jaina! Complete failure!

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