G73: Cold As Dungeons

This session was played on Thursday, March 17, 2011. The party was comprised of Hop-Frog, Snickwick, Groo, Jorge, Gael, and Pritchard Hood. Odd and Gathring, the two planar dwarves, accompanied them as hirelings, and the goblin-handlers and Evangelista's golem plodded at their side.


Stymied still by the presence of Evangelista's golem at their heels, the party sought resolution for the planar dwarves' plight. They thought to go down the Grand Stair of the Chateau to check on the messages left the previous adventure, but were held off by forboding drumming, which Pritchard identified as likely coming from the Night Goblins, a horrible foe when organized.

They turned to plan B, further exploration of the 1st dungeon level. This lead to points not far from the battle with Cutflesh and the discovery of various kitchens for the once sumptuous Amberville clan. They fought a ghoul before finding a frigid metal door leading into a deep meat locker hanging with still-fresh, preserved, frosty shanks of beef. The front rank was surprised by a creature made entirely of ice, but it did not last long against their long weapons.

The Company brought up some of the fine cullinary materials for a feast with the orcs of the Burning Brand, leaving the rest to haul to town at the end of their stay.

The next day they took a set of stairs to the second dungeon level, quickly realizing they were in the same dining hall with the cursed throne that once turned Handsome Hans into a girl. A large magic-seeking spider was camped on the throne, attacked, and was killed. The orc girl Gael, hearing the party's history, sat on it herself in order to become a boy and "more like the Boss" - and came away with many gibes about new genitals and puberty.

Exploration south of the Wizard Goblins ensued. These were a highly cultivated clan of goblins dedicated to the memories of the Ambrevilles, whom the party was desperate to avoid at this point, at risk of informing Evangelista she had allies in ancestral halls. Instead they went room by room, encountering three giant spiders, two of which injected poison into Hop-Frog and Groo, each of whom survived the ordeal, and a room full of shriekers, which brought forth from another room even more spiders. In the distance a door was heard to slam shut, possibly those goblins guarding against approach.

A final room, a pantry, was home to a large slug climbing its walls, that spit acid. A frenetic battle ensued to put it down, but not before its acid splattered painfully over Groo. The contents were looted, notably two jars that magically kept its contents fresh.

They called it a session, returned to collect the thawing items from the meat locker, and headed back to Malinbois.

Losses and Loot
The party defeated a ghoul, a strange ice-beast, seven giant spiders, three shrieking fungi and one giant slug. Treasure included a variety of frozen delicacies from the cold-room, some valuable spices, and two jars of preservation. Each adventurer's share of the treasure came to 200gp.

For monsters slain and treasure won, the party members earned 228xp each.

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