G68: Carousing and Inter-Session

Carousing/Intersession page for G68: Black Knives on the River

Richard Loubeau

Something bothers him about the seal on that chest. Richard will spend some time brooding over the broken seal, and wrangling Robert into conversations about family crests and heraldic devices, hoping to strike a chord. Is it the du Gare's?

It's not any Glantrian family seal that either Richard or Robert can recall, and as a former tax collector, Richard's knowledge is pretty thorough in this regard. It's definitely not the de Gare insignia.

Till Riemenschneider

Scrounges on the bodies of the dead pirates, dead companions, and in the barrels and boxes of both barges, looking for a new bow to replace the one he busted. Stands to the side, inert, waiting to see if anyone will control him next session while Hanna yawns stiffly and rustles into her chainmail.


A sea chest containing 6000cp, a strongbox containing 4000sp, a gold and topaz toe-ring, an ornate dagger, a heavy silver bracelet inlaid with abstract gold designs, a silver locket whose interior is inlaid in ivory and jet with the image of a dancing woman. are shared property among the surviving members, planned for sale at the next port of call:

  • Martin le Black
  • Robert Hazart
  • Richard Loubeau
  • Till Riemenschneider
  • Ja'Tubis
  • Ulmarish

The following, apparently magic items are distributed (or waiting to be distributed):

  • A large enchanted hammer etched with the leering face of a female vampire: Ja'Tubis
  • An enchanted staff of dark wood whose upper portion is spiky and gnarled: Robert Hazart
  • A petite pair of enchanted boots: Martin Le Black

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