G67: The Needle And The Damage Done




The brave captains of the Company of Crossed Swords meets at Chateau Hazart.


Snickwick inspects the magical mill-lift that will take the party to the Stygia stack of the library.


The lead sheet has been pulled away.


There IS a light at the end of the tunnel.


The mysterious and wavy juniper men seem to wearing funny red hats.


A bright orb lights the room as if it was day.


Wintergreen's axe makes short work of the juniper brush men.


What a charming red cap.


Poor Pritchard's head will get cold because a green slime melted his hat. Maybe he should put on a red cap that he found.


Farkas will be remembered for his appetite both living and dead.


A trustworthy orc who leads at the Chateau D'Amberville


The neophyte B-team of the Company of Crossed Swords, banging about looking for things to do, jumped at the chance arising from comments of Alzenia Hazart: there was a need for mucksome adventurers at the arcane library of the School of Wizards within Glantri City. The lowest level of the library (at least claimed to be) was a stackless jumble of remaindered books, the copper of previous generations of order periodically dismantled in order to be sold. These 'Stygian Stacks' were the site of disappearance for one of the library collegiates, named Dwhoha, and the party was hired to find him, or find the source of danger, and put an end to it.

An intriguing mechanical lift dropped them slowly down the levels into the earth, until they found themselves in a lonely sector, abandoned to the world. Forgotten books lay in ruined piles, and a mine cart stood near the shaft.

Eventually they found where a riveted plate had been torn from a wall deeper into the system. This revealed the rooms of a strange temple of some kind. Coniferous needles littered the alien surroundings, including as the bed for the deceased collegian. Mosaics to perhaps a god of some kind ranged on the ceilings - a naked man weilding a hoop and wearing sandals, leading all manner of people on an open trail.

A side passage lead to danger: weirdly swaying junipers animated to attack, bound up in wire of precious metal and wearing red winter caps. These were dispatched and the caps retained. One room seemed a nursery for such plant-creatures, with many standing in a potted circle and a globe of great natural light perched on a stand.

A circular chamber with a statue of the god ended the evening's campaign. A tripwire ignited a flash of light, causing silhouette plates to raise the dreaded forms of wicked shadows. The party struggled to defeat these, having only one magic battle axe and two magical daggers that could wound them. They then fought a creature popping out of one of their knapsacks, generated, it seemed, from one of the reddish winter caps they had found. A devilish little man leapt fully formed out of the enclosure and slashed meanly at the group, but was put down.

The Crossed Swords left to heal their wounds, resolving to return and finish exploring the strange area another time.

Losses and Loot

Challenges Defeated:

  • 6 Juniper Golems = 210xp
  • 1 Green Slime = 5xp
  • 4 Shadows = 100xp
  • 1 Nasty Redcap = 50xp
  • 1 Flash Tripwire Trap = 20xp

Total = 385xp

Treasures and Items Found:

  • Purse of silver on Dwhoha's corpse = 27sp
  • Dwhoha's sharp letter opener
  • Red potion of Protection From Undead
  • Gold wire from the Juniper golems = 600gp
  • Spool of gold wire = 900gp
  • Sun Orb
  • Bag of miscellaneous gold teeth taken from red cap = 10gp
  • Four red crusty stocking caps that smell of old blood
  • A 5' iron hoop of indeterminate cultural value

Total = 1512gp, 7sp

Total XP from challenges = 64xp per character
Total GP from treasure = 252gp per character

Total XP gained = 316xp per character

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