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Rusty Buckles

Drunken carousing; Glantri 4, save 16 = 600 xp and a funny story about how people don't want to get too close suddenly…

Rusty hooks up with two new drinking palls Mungo Pipestab and Fred "The Nose" Hamwich, both active members of the growing Glantrian Burrow Boxing league. Rusty hits many of the most raucous dives in the low quarter and watches as his buddies point out the finer points of watching halflings beat the hair out of each other on large square tables, ringed by shouting patrons. The growing fad of Burrow Boxing is on the rise in Glantri because the smaller fighting rings are easier to fit into existing drinking venues. He loses 600 gp on drunken wagering and tipping the full-size wenches but picks up 600xp by watching some vicious displays of halfling fisticuffs.


The eccentrically charming elf woos the not-quite-widowed Alzenia Hazart with wine and jewelry. Already pleased by Wintergreen's courtship, Alzenia proves amenable to further flirtation on his part. (He rolls a 6, spending 900gp and earning 900xp. His saving throw is a 16: success!)

Wintergreen provides that polite elvish version of romantic leading-on that aristocratic aging matrons really go for and the hawk-eyed Alzenia is quite susceptible too.
Over the fine sweet spirits and expensive candy-box-prism jelwelry that he plies her with in the tilting Hazart gazebo, they watch the passing gentry and make snide comments about lineage. The oldest house-goblin of House Hazart, Lickswad, is in attendance and strumming romantic etudes on the Glantian dulcimer. An almost forgotten regional instrument that is practically unknown outside of well-bred Glantrian circles. Wintergreen spends 900gp on diabetic wine and knacky jewelry and gains 900xp from listening to Alzenia's catty knowledge of local history.

William of Silence

The smirking, caddish William of Silence swears he'll buy everyone a beer on the way back, even the demi-humans. He strikes off to sell the squirming sack of red caps he has tied into two large bags, saying he knows some people who know people. He certainly isn't going to sell these to any johnny-on-the-street. Let's get in front of some mages.

Will reverse carouses to sell the evil fey in Glantri City. His Charisma adjustment, if valid to this concern, gives him a +1 to a savings or result roll.

William takes the burlap sack containing the four crusty red stocking caps and begins to discretely inquire around the more seedy looking magical suppliers in Glantri City. He quickly learns that Red Cap hats are quite dangerous and will bring their owners back from the black of feyness as soon as one drop of blood is soaked into the fabric. They are a highly controlled substance in all of Glantri and are generally burned immediately once they are discovered or their former wearers are defeated.

Behind one bare-shelved magical component shop William finally finds a crowd of wilted looking men in a black cloaks. One of them quickly thrusts a bag of un-minted gold coins in his hand in return for the hats and dashes off quickly down the street. A deal has been done.

Later in the week, at a bar, William hears of a massacre at a local noble's house. Five servants, and three princelings with their throats slashed to ribbons. In the manor was discovered shattered jars of blood and little rough boot prints of gore running all up and down the walls.

The city watch are asking about a man fitting Williams of Silence's description.

William has a small sack of 750 gold coins that bear no mint and is wanted for questioning by the Glantrian authorities.


Inspired by his success with the "candle bolt", Snickwick resolves to research a delivery vehicle for more flammable stuff. Snickwick will design and build a special "phial shot", essentially a quarrel with a phial of oil (or even holy water or hot sauce or paint, etc) built into the shaft. Upon impact, the phial will break, dousing the target.

I no longer understand how carousing works, but I want to do this, I would assume it's similar to magic user research, just applying snickwick's "Gnomish Engineer" special ability. Snickwick has a +1 to intelligence which may apply.

Snickwick purchases a variety of crossbow bolts from local fletchers, allong with finely flammable oil, glass vials of various shapes, and some spidery brass-work from his trusted mechanical supplier. He goes about construction of several prototype bolts, some that are brass and hallow, some that have a glass bulb on the business end and some with oil-filled wax beads tethered to the tail of the bolt. Indeed most of his research time and money goes towards testing at a private targeting range, where the quiver-men take turns moving his cotton dummies out to the range and brings them back for his inspection of oil-saturation after a successful hit. After much trial and error, Snickwick finds a design that has perfect flight characteristics and is able to thoroughly douse a target. It is a long glass vial of oil, sealed with wax, cradled by a brass frame in the shape of a fat cross-bow bolt. The spiraling brass-work keeps the vial intact on launch but collapses on impact, shattering glass and spraying oil with a faint popping noise. The bolt only miss-fired one or twice during testing, shooting oil backwards at the gnomes chest.

Snick wick spent 500gp to successfully research the Oil-Sot crossbow bolt:

Oil-Shot Crossbow Bolt
Fire a special oil-filled bolt from your crossbow. Does half damage to a target and douses the target in oil. No splash damage. Oil must be lit by other means. Critical fumble douses PC in oil. The Oil-Shot can only be used by Gnomes who have researched how it works.

Pritchard Hood

In the morning as he lays healing from minor wounds, Pritchard Hood is startled by a knock at his door. He doesn't answer, as is his wont, merely waiting for this unwanted presence to go away. When he finally rouses himself he opens the door to find a brand new hat laying before his door. It's exactly the same as his old one, though cleaner and free of green slime. Pinned inside is a note that reads only "I thought you might require this if you're staying in Glantri." Hood's eyes narrow and he clutches the hat white-knuckled in both hands. Then he throws on his cloak and goes out to the nearest tavern, intending to wash away his troubles with a torrent of ale.

Pritchard will perform an old-fashioned carouse. He has 2345 gp to spend, and his saving throw is 15 (Spells, right?).

Pritchard stalks into the nearest drinking establishment that he finds not too far away from the College Of Magic. The cramped gold leaf sign announcing Rathwood's Confectionary And Spiritshouse is in front of an overly-ornate storefront on a street with other wizardly business that cater to the College's students, staff, and professors. The front of the business is devoted to long candle-lit glass cases that contain candies, sweets, pastries, smokes, and beverages of a distinctly alien and possibly sinister nature. Deeply cowled servers man the counter, wrapping up the confections for a procession of unhinged-looking and mysterious patrons. Small brass locks seal some of the candy boxes and some of the beverages are decanted into flickering glasses.

Situated in the back area are many comfy leather chairs and some furtive looking characters imbibing shots, sipping tall purple beers, and eating cakes that chime quietly when you run a fork through them. Pritchard orders the most normal-sounding ale off of the menu from the cowled server, but gradually begins to sample more of the exotic fare as the night wears on. Each time the waiter takes another order, he warns Pritchard about possibly hazardous conditions and combinations of the items being served. Mr. Rathwood apparently has suffered a lot of heat from the Glantri authorities for past activities, and wants to keep patrons from dying immediately on the premises. Pritchard notices that many of the menu items are marked "take-out only". The stated reason the Rathwood's is still open is that he serves the best Jinn Torte in town, a Glantrian dessert served when a wizardling graduates.

Pritchard spends 1050gp on a vastly expensive course of magically psychotropic sweets and drinks for the evening but gains near total omniscient hearing of all the dark, aristocratic, and magical gossip going on in the bar that night earning him 1050xp.

Royce Le'Royale

Royce heads to the Working Quarter of Glantri city. A crowded, laboring section filled with over-taxed Journeymen. One shop on the alleyway known as '37' is a blacksmith and stable. Within is a stall with a clockwork horse. Royce shows the fraternal hand-sign as he enters the shop. Enters directly into the stable and puts some weight onto a pitchfork that appears to be resting in the hay.

Soft, well oiled gears and counter-weights are quickly employed. The horses legs gently fold up underneath it, bringing too the the facsimile of a hay strewn stable floor. Below, the dim light at the end of a stone stairwell. From the outside, all that is seen is the upper portion of the mechanical horse champing and braying as normal.

Down into the lair of Hoghammond the Pinch, fence for the Gutter Dwarves. Royce goes into detail about the native struggle of the Gutter Dwarves to find the ancient document granting them property below Glantri city. Hoghammond waves him away with tired and predisposed gestures.

Royce is trying to be emphatic of the hellish horrors below the Library and how there may be more than smoke to the legends. The two quarrel, and neither is better for it. Ultimately, Hoghammond purchases the pass from Royce but their relations are strained."

Royce fences Dwhoha's library pass to Hoghammond for 75gp but has fallen into disfavor with the old gutter dwarf by wasting his time on fanciful dreams of a lost heritage. He must make good with Hoghammond to fence goods again in Glantri City.

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