G64: Carousing and Intersession

Carousing for G64: The Opposite of Dungeons

Carousing notes to be posted here.

Hanna Darrowkin

(Hanna will put together a joint carouse with Martin this week… so more material coming. Meanwhile, this is the cursory run-down of last week's carouse.)

Hanna was searching for other means of mastering free gender change and its mystic powers that hopefully did not involve the chaos sect of Xiombarg.

A roll of 9 on 2d6 meant one hoped-for result applied: she was able to find a lead to non-chaotic forces. This involved rumors of a moon goddess worshipped overseas to the south. Able and interested in spending much gold in pursuit of more information, Hanna interviewed and placed on retainer a batty, long-beared, kindly old sage by the name of Walid Ophuls, who lives in a series of rooms, filled with bric-a-brac, beneath the streets of the Ward of Strangers.

I assume the large amount spent in the successful carouse will mean more information will be issued/accessed in time. We can determine how this comes about in future carousing sessions or other means. For gold spent, I rolled a 7 = 1050gp spent.

Quendalon may edit this as he sees fit.

Yvain Sabat

Yvain returns to Malinbois flush with gold looted from crypts and mad wizards' towers and gets to work on squandering it in short order.

(Assuming it's still allowed, Yvain is trying for an old-fashioned Rientsian carouse, consisting of nothing more than blowing hard-earned cash on drinking, whoring, and general sword & sorcery-style debauchery.)

Martín Le Black

“He is laughing and relaxed, sitting calmly at her feet, she is resting her hand on his head, he’s never felt anything like it. He is at peace, he’s not angry, he feels no greed or lust, he just feels… restful… her face is blurred by light and mist as she looks down on him, speaking his name “… Martín…. Martín Le Black…MASTER!”

Le Black wakes with a start to find Marcel waiting before the fine bed where Martín slumbers in the warren beneath the Hazart Stables. The little green fellow puffs idly on a rolled cigarillo, fitted into a stem filter, and is holding a bulky parcel.

“ I was having the nicest dream Marcel, there was a lady, I loved her very much, so beautiful… I can almost still see here, she wanted something from me… I just can’t remember…”.

Rolling his eyes, the manservant lays his burden on the bed “ I have all of your the items your requested. I must say you are handling this surprisingly well”.

Struggling a bit to climb down from the bed, Martín clearly cannot accept looking his servant directly in the eye – but at 3 feet tall, he has no choice. Pawing through the package, Martín begins to dress himself in the items he’s recently commissioned. A goblin’s uniform of the house hazart, his armor, buckled back to allow his hands and legs to move freely, his resized combat kit, which moves Bazilian to rest across his back, and a new set of black boots (with thick soles and high heels) and black gloves – both fitted with hidling sleeves for his stiletto and garotte (I will deduct 100gp for these expenses).

When Martín first heard Hanna’s plan to seek out a moon goddess, he thought the little lass had gone mad once more. Why would one travel the high seas, with the greatest city in the world beneath your feet? But now, this promise of change, of renewal, the waning and waxing of the moon… if this goddess could allow Hanna to become Hans and then back again, surely it could restore him to his previous stature… maybe even a bit taller!

Martín will carouse to discover more information about this Moon Goddess that Hannah’s sage speaks of, surely she can help…

* The Sage will confirm that the moon goddess should be able to address the matter of his size
* The sage will know of a method of passage to her temple
* One of Martin's underworld contacts will know of a more local representative of the goddess, or perhaps one of her temples or an artifact which might assist in a journey to this temple
* The sage will recall significantly more detail about the goddess – her name, origin, affinities, etc.

(Trying out the new carousing system, am I doing it right?)

The sage, a swarthy foreign geezer named Walid Ophuls, is polite and friendly, though he cannot quite grasp that Martin is a full-grown adult rather than a precocious child. Over tea and a variety of honeyed cakes, he tells Martin more of the goddess Ululaya, the Scarlet Moon, said to be a former Lady of Chaos who severed her ties with her kin and abandoned her place of power among the Chaos Planes to rule in the mortal world. Records indicate that she sent forth an avatar or champion to conquer the Isles of the Pearl during the Age of Chaos, establishing a realm that endured until the end of the Age of Chaos and the rise of Thyatis. Walid Ophuls believes that the worship of Ululaya persists in the Isles of the Pearl to this day, noting a sojourner's journal speaking of a priestess of that place who afflicted his traveling companions with puissant curses—including one of perpetual diminution. Walid provides a tea-stained map indicating the temple's probable location.

Martin contacts Agreus the Agile, a rumormonger and middleman of his acquaintance. From Agreus he learns that while the Isles of the Pearl are not open to outside visitors, certain Darokinese smugglers have been known to do business on the isles, and he may be able to get Martin in touch with someone who can get him there.

(This is either Wisdom or Charisma, neither of which give you a bonus or penalty. You rolled a 10: complete success! For expenditure, you rolled a 3, spending 450gp and earning 450xp.)

Pritchard Hood

Deep in arcane studies toward the casting of webs, Pritchard is out of action for another week. No carousing, no adventuring.

Richard Loubeau

Richard intends to do some new-fangled carousing towards a spell on the notes from the flesh golem lab, which he is 150g in progress towards.

Between the Lines: Roll + spend to try to find a random spell in the margins of arcane writings. You earn XP equal to the spend. On a 10+, your full spending counts towards the spell you are researching. On a 7-9, choose one:

  • You overcome a false start: half your spend counts toward the research of a random spell.
  • You have a moment of clarity: Half your spend counts towards research for the spell or activity described in the text.
  • You back out of a blind alley, with no research but half your spend intact.
  • You have the seed of an idea, and gain a +1 bonus to your next Between the Lines attempt.

Inspired by the notes on golem creation and animation, Richard spends several days shopping at various magical emporia in Glantri City and gathering an impressive array of weird reagents: dried herbs, powdered minerals, various metal studs and wires, needle and thread, and all manner of strange preserved organs from diverse creatures sealed in glass bottles. He stays up late each night to perform peculiar experiments and to scribble down the results.

(You rolled an 8, with a +1 for Intelligence, for a total of 9: partial success! Choose a single result from the list above. For expenditure, you rolled an 8! You've spent 1200gp and earned 1200xp.)

Richard is fascinated by the wealth of magical knowledge that seems suddenly obvious with the notes' guidance. Herbs and concoctions that seemed exotic but mundane in the past now seem to brim with possibility; small tics and spare gestures from robed figures on Wizard's Hill seem the conjuring rituals of great vistas of knowledge. His attempts at research are too diffuse, going in multiple directions at once; not unproductive, but also not entirely useful.

Richard will overcome a false start, and note the effects on his character sheet.

Robert Hazart


Now that his lab is complete, Ja' settles down to begin his holy meditations on the nature of the mortal body. Already he has encountered an overwhelming number of new diseases, poisons, and curses of the flesh, and has managed to gather samples related to most of them. The powerful undead whose strikes left Martin unable to heal left a powerful impression on Ja', to the point where he does not yet feel ready to study the sample of its corpse he took. Likewise, the lockjaw dwarfs were intriguing, but may still be beyond Ja's skills to analyze. He decides to start with a medical anomaly that seems to be more within the scope of his abilities and begins to investigate the nature of the poison kept within the poison sack of the spider the party fought beneath the dwarf settlement. The poison, when Martin injected it into one of the infected dwarfs, triggered an uncontrollable spastic dancing in the infected. Even stranger, the dance was communicable. Interesting.

Ja' will use his newly set-up lab to analyze the poison sack he collected from the Dance of Death spider. He isn't completely sure what he's looking for yet, but is interested in the following, and will pursue whichever one of them seems the most promising: how to create an antidote to it, how to create more of it, how to safely extract it for later use, what its true nature is (it seems magical; what is its source?), how it works (if none of the previous are appropriate, he's fine just gaining knowledge about how it works on a purely academic level).

I'll spend 400g on it. Also, if it's applicable, I have a 16 WIS.

Staff of Shocking

In the Storm Tower, located as part of the northeast part of the Chateau's Donjon, the party pried from the extensive machinery a metal pole of special power. This staff, it seemed, could channel electrical power for the use of its weilder, either to discharge as shocks or perahsp to blast forth as lightning bolts. Unsure of whether to keep it for future use, the Crossed Swords went to the Marais to gauge whether that noble family might find it of more immediate use. They asked what might be placed opposite it in trade, either in comparable magics, or in gold.

The family de Marais are exceedingly pleased by the offer of the Storm-Charged Staff. Blanchfleur de Marais offers a number of possible trades, the gist of which are presented below.

The offer includes 6,000gp and any one of the following three options.

Option 1 — Any three of the following (no duplicates):

  • A lightly enchanted battle axe, dagger, pole arm, short sword, spear, sword or war hammer
  • A lightly enchanted suit of leather armor or chain mail
  • A lightly enchanted shield
  • A quiver of 20 moderately enchanted arrows
  • A package of potions (growth, healing x3, heroism, oil of striking)

Option 2 — Any one choice from Option 1, plus any one of the following:

  • A moderately enchanted hand axe, short sword, spear or sword
  • A lightly enchanted bow
  • A moderately enchanted suit of chain mail
  • A lightly enchanted suit of plate mail
  • A shield of missile deflection
  • A minor ring of protection

Option 3 — Any one of the following:

  • A powerfully enchanted battle axe, mace or short sword
  • Skaldene, the Singing Sword — a "rather eccentric blade"
  • A powerfully enchanted suit of chain mail
  • Bracers of defense offering protection equal to chain mail


Excited by his progress on the Angler's Bolt, Snickwick resolves that he'll need to earn a bit more coin if he's to pursue some of his larger ideas. While his toymaking was a moderate success (despite that bit of unpleasantness), no project or excursion he's endeavored has been nearly as profitable of that mythical treasure trove - De Sang's Delve! He is resolved to return, but hearing the terrifying things learned by his compatriots, he wishes to learn everything possible about the dangers they face.

The Gnomish spinster Frigwhipple Butterchurn is known to be a medium of some renown, and claims the ability to commune with the spirits of dead burrowing mammals to discover secret and forgotten lore. Her prowess has primarily been used by Glantri's Gnomish community to discover the locations of particularly savory truffle hordes, veins of delicious sugar-peat, and to avoid active sewers and forgotten crypts in the downward expansion of the Gnomish council's burrow-hall.

Snickwick will carouse in Glantri City to gather additional information on De Sang's Delve, and the terrifying beasties they have heard to lurk therein - the Manticores. Here are proposed success options:

  • Snickwick will learn more of the manticores lair in the Delve: how many they are, details of the area they reside in, etc.
  • Snickwick will learn more of manticores in general, how they fight, any special properties (poison, immune to weapons, hate the smell of garlic, etc.)
  • Snickwick will learn of any hidden treasure troves secreted around the manticore's lair…
  • No additional geas or quest will be commanded by Madame Butterchurn in payment for the information
  • No unwanted attention will be gained from phantasmal mouldywarps or ghostly mustelids.

Frigwhipple's thick, gnome-lady arms batter a tub of dumpling-dough, tucked beneath her arm, into submission, while checking on stove contents by opening the door with a toe. An infinity of gnome children rush about, her nieces and nephews, and neighborhood children, dipping fingers into sauces and bawling beneath the table. Amid this cacophany, suddenly, two figures stoop into her parlous, fussy apartments.

Manticores, it seems, mate in bonded pairs, but are exceedingly territorial, and kick out their young very early. Provided it is summer (Hussey says) and provided the goblins' reports of more than one manticore, it is probable that there are only two - "but only probably!" Females usually range for food, while the males are lazy and sedentary. Usually they cannot stand each other, other than mangy sexual congress. ("I would love to see this!" Hussey cries, waving a cookie.)

Manticores prefer areas with high ceilings, because of the spikes, and flying. Judging by the historian's notes, brought by young Bottombrisket, the 4th floor beneath old De Sang castle was home to some guest quarters and perhaps audience halls. Manticores are highly sensitive to structural danger, however, and will avoid ideal hunting areas for manifold reasons.

"There you go, dear," says Frigwhipple, offering cream to spoon over the lemon tarts. But then her eyes darken. "Now, I promised Mr. Hussey one of the manticore paws in exchange for this information, in addition to the gold. Do not upset me coming back empty handed! I might have to give him one of my own! And for goodness sake, bring back a phantasmal mouldywarps like I've been asking you these last several months!"

Snickwick rolled a 2 on the d8, spending 300 gp and earning 300 xp.

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