G63: No Scrubs, No Manticores

This session was played on January 6, 2011. Its characters were Richard Loubeau, Hanna, Snickwick, Barbarossa, Gael, Boarface-Bristlebrush, and Andro Shmargen. Joining them were hirelings Drofirth the fighter, and Thurdall the dwarf.


After a few days of rest and selling trinkets, Hanna was excited to return to De Sang's Delve for more. The chance to fight Manticores! How exciting! But for one reason or another the principals of the week before were nowhere to be found, and so she beat the bushes to see what other sparrows might be flushed out to join her.

These included the experienced thief-dabbler Richard Loubeau, who was unsettled by the demi-nature of the party, surrounded by dwarves and halflings and gnomes — and the orc child Gael, who took pity on his stature and took it upon her young shoulders to find more help. This included the humans Barabarossa and Drofirth and yet another shorty, the dwarf Thurdall.

The goblin tribe of Yag was clearly not vanquished and, as expected, the party faced a sturdier guard at the entrance. This battle included a goblin surfing the body of a dead hobgoblin compatriat down circular stairs on a field of grease. A goblin was captured, named Woyb, and pronged ahead to counsel comrades not to fight (this did not work).

The party spared little time in going a floor below. Despite an idea to head a floor below, a reddish glow beyond a divan/barricade proved too much to resist. This was the glow of fire beetles. The barricade dropped, the beetles poured forth and were dispatched. Alas, while they searched the room, a contingent of gobs and hobs approached.

In the midst of this combat, Richard successfully spell-shifted a Shield barrier over the barricade to deflect oil flasks and lit torches, sparing the party from becoming a burnt offering. An iron chest beneath the barricade produced a nice coinage.

Downstairs, the ghouls of the crypt advanced. Prompted by the displeasure of Hamish's turning the week before, they sought to parley. They would, they said, allow the party to advance for the pleasure of gold. Not really feeling the bargain of this, the party elected to attack. While the grislies were heartened by Gael's failed turn attempt, they did not last too long against the spinning swords - although Boarface was paralyzed.

A short stairs lead into a room more intriguing in the vision than the experience. From a vent high above, several robber flies buzzed to attack. In the winging flurry, Woyb's life was ended (his refrain - "It's me, Woyb!" at this point more reflexive than helpful) and Andro was knocked unconscious. Once the bugs were smeared into submission, it was thought best for Barbarossa to accompany Andro up the chimney to the surface, a long but uneventful crawl.

Under the "One More Room" Provision, the party continued on. They found three more alcoves to ransack and had a little too much trouble with three zombies. Not yet finding the stair to what is presumably the level where goblins fight manticores, they went home with their spoils.


No party deaths. One dead Woyb.

5 goblins slain
3 hobgoblins slain
7 fire beetles slain
3 ghouls slain
4 robber flies slain
3 zombies slain

A pretty pile of treasure (including a bejeweled veil of fine silver mesh, a topaz-studded ring, and a solid gold miniature statue of a rust monster) and coins recovered.

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