G62: The Goblins of De Sang's Delve

Played on December 30, 2010 by Arnold Littleworth, Hamish the Dim and his man Eames, "Handsome" Hanna, Murdriirin, and Pritchard Hood. Run by the inestimable blizack.


Taken from the Codex of the Boss

And lo, the Company of Crossed Swords ventured forth into the unknown yet again, this time chasing the rumors of wealth and avarice in warren of filth known as D'Syon's Delve1. There they found goblins and ghouls a plenty, but gold as well.

At first they encountered some goblin sentries, one of which Pritchard Hood ensorcelled into service. Yag by name, he gleefully assisted the Company in playing one of their more common practical jokes on the rest of his tribe: total annihilation. Many a goblin and hobgoblin died that day at the hands of Hanna and Murdriirin. Hamish found a well-crafted hammock, which he claimed as the Hammock of Hamish. In later years, this would become one of the key reliquaries of the High Church of the Boss.

The Company continued into a burial complex, where they defiled some tombs in search of trinkets. They fought a zombie or two before fighting the Royal Goblin Rat Lancers and their pet giant ferret, Stinky. Hamish attempted to capture the ferret using his hammock as a net, but once again his plans were dashed by the blood-thirst of his comrades. Instead, he was forced to settle for some new ferret-skin boots.

Downstairs, Arnold outwitted an old goblin pyromaniac by lighting him on fire first. More goblins were slain by Hanna, Murdriirin, and Eames. During the fray, Eames and Murdriirin were struck down, but first aid and the healing power of the Boss revived them.

Murdriirin detected a secret door, behind which another level of tombs was found. There the Company discovered incredible wealth, including a lewd statue of Trianoma. Some ghouls attempted an ambush, but the holy power of Hamish's Fist of Peace drove them from the room in horror.

At this point, Arnold was getting sleepy, so he cast haste on the Company as they made their egress. A pack of ravenous fire beetles blocked the way, but the team quickly chopped through them and returned to civilization. Must rejoicing was done by all.


Taken from Handsome Hanna's recollections

A good number of goblins killed, perhaps 12. A hobgoblin, a giant weasel.

A Yag killed.

A dagger +1 found, and electrum pieces, and jewelry.

Carousing for Session 62

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