G61: The Best Laid Plans

Arnold Littleworth, Boarface Bristlebrush, Hanna Darrowkin, Ja'Tubis, Martín le Noir, Pritchard Hood in action, with other players graciously stepping in to steer Ewoud and the Dwaarvs, and Gildor.


After resting in the mummy's hidden chamber behind Pritchard's mistakenly jammed door, the party attempted to leave by battering the door down. Attracting the attention of more armored ghouls, they parleyed with the undead, who pretended to leave. After opening the portal enough, the resulting battle got the heroes free. Martin, rotted by the mummy's touch, hung back. Wintergreen departed to frolick in the trees.

Further exploration found tapestries fluttering over concealed passages. The party bore down on the wicked wizard named Kovacs, finding little match for their half-dwarven prowess.

Not content with the good they'd done, these adventurers decamped outside to the huge bear's cave of Croarg, where they faced the 17-foot monster of wonder and took him in a flurry of arrows and blows.

The glen was silent, the drear ursine menace done, the undead stain bleached out. The plunder continued; they took what they felt was right, including the mighty hammer, and an elaborate screen plied from goblin bones.

Treasure and Experience

For treasure reclaimed and monsters slain, each character received 481xp. For the sale of some jewelry, more armor, a fine and enormous bearskin, and dark scribblings regarding the raising of powerful undead, minus a cure disease and identify, each character netted 481 experience and 405 gold pieces.

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