G60: Onderdonkenwhat?

Boarface, Hanna, Ja, Martín, Pritchard, and Wintergreen park their horses and their bear in a valley, and plumb the depths of a dwarvish temple wizard's lair subterranean lair of magical critters and their hammers.


With mixed feelings about the departure of Goldfinch, disgusted by the treatment of the escaped house goblins, the party nevertheless was prompted to find the location described in the Codex, where dwarves battled wizards, a strange cult might have fastened, and perhaps a young boy was taken.

Eventually they found a small vale with evocative structures carved out of the surrounding rocks — a domed temple on a rise, and a gabled structure near a stream. Also, hidden from below, a fearsome roar came ostensibly from the great bear Croarg.

They rested overnight, keeping watch over the structures. In the morning, the gabled dwelling released several figures, who disappeared downstream. They thought to explore this, but then headed to the temple instead.

A stairwell lead to twin giant spider carcasses, one of which released smaller brood when exploded by an arrow. These were dispatched and the slavering venom coated over blades.

Long hallways. Strange large halls. A combat against three pale-gray, diseased dwarves, who were killed, but not before the spider venom dug into one of their number, releasing him into a furious, infectious dance, caught most memorably by Wintergreen.

Non-infected dwarves soon discovered the party, but were dispatched into sleep and captured before they could flee for help. The party parleyed a degree of mutual trust, and it was determined the helpful Crossed Swords would plumb the mysterious depths to take out an undead threat, and perhaps discover the source of the strange pale, desperate sickness.

The next day, after resting beneath the gables in the hairy company of dwarves, the motley rabble of 'laangdvaarfs' and 'geschorendvaarfs' rolled down the hall toward a clanging, cackling menace.

They dispatched three armored ghouls and then wheeled into a discovered passage. Down this musty hall they discovered a majestic undead presence gravely perched upon a throne. Despite knowing it to not be a purely chaotic thing, they resolved, as adventurers' want, to put it to its rest.

This mummy dug deep into Martin most of all, leaving him ill-at-ease and barely alive. Hanna had heroically knocked him aside before he could be dispatched, with most of the dwarf-and-others company scattered on the floor in abject, paralytic fear. Eventually the maul-swinging, terrifyingly emaciated presence was stilled.

The party left off the session encamped in this small, ancient room, their top fighter no good for fighting, their sounds having probably quickened the dead…

Treasure and Experience

The armor of three ghoulish soldiers and the funerary diadem and bracers of Hassar fetched 735 gold, netting 113 gold per player. For monsters defeated and treasures reclaimed, each player received 237xp.

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