G56: Swords Are Trump

In which the Company of Crossed Swords sets out to map a little, fight a little, gain a little treasure


Disparate maps finally put together, the party realized there were large sections of the first level unexplored, so headed west of the Aviary [ed: the following sections actually are on the second floor]. It didn't take long to find a circular room with a large, swirlingly multicolored globe inside, the level they were on constituting a balcony just above it. As they at first pondered the unknown, a carrion crawler skittered over the balcony lip and paralyzed two of them quickly. Hanna, who had been rendered immune to paralysis by the same form-changing magic of the gender-changing throne, raced to engage. Eventually the worm was dispatched. The three sets of doors were spiked while the incapacitated were re-capacitied.

Pritchard's charmed gnoll friend and then Martin dropped down to examine the massive globe. Largely it remained a mystery, although golden struts at the bottom were awfully intriguing.

The hallway to the right lead into black marbled doom and foreboding dark doors, also an infinitely extending side passage that was abandoned after nearly a hundred repeating feet.

Back to the globe room, the lefthand doors went into a large room of curtains and pillars that proved an arena for not one, nor two, but three separate combats. First, two wights entered from an antechamber, their mouldy cardgame disturbed by the noise, dispatched somehow without an energy-draining strike. Two more carrion crawlers came in, stunning Robert and others. Finally, while the party's heads were exploring another side-chamber, those left behind watched spookily burning skeletons enter. These wreaked havoc with their burning blows.

A long chamber with a throne at the end was on the other side of the antechambers. A mace lay on the tattered cushion of the throne. Once disturbed, it rose into the air, swinging to strike down the living. Enough ringing blows put it down until Hanna tried to catch it as it fell back in place, whence it jumped into the air again. Discretion: the party ran.

In the Aviary the party skirted four small dust-devil elementals, possibly warded by the party's protective magic.


By adventure's end, the party had defeated 3 carrion crawlers, 2 wights, and 4 burning skeletons. The most dangerous quarry, a complete dungeon map, continued to elude them.

Losses and Loot
Through a combination of luck, desperation, and a Halfling's careful itemization, the party was not wiped out by paralyzing tentacle-beasts or reduced to level dead by the wights. For monsters defeated and treasures found, each member received 234xp and 176g.

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