G55: Connecting The Dots

This session was played on October 28, 2010, featuring Goldfinch, Hanna Darrowkin, Pritchard Hood, Richard Loubeau, Robert Hazart, The Halfling Andro, Martin Le Black and the goblin servant Marcel.


[Note: This summary was provided by Naked Samurai, player of Hanna.]

That Secret Door We Keep Talking About

Entering the Chateau, the party was greeted by several zombified gnolls, who were quickly put down, but not before almost killing Goldfinch. Ecological question: if gnolls will eat recently killed brethren, then why don't gnoll-zombies eat each other?

The party went into the Aviary and confronted several living, breathing gnolls, and killed them. One was charmed by Pritchard scant moments before Goldfinch - chock full of irritation of middling conversations with idiotic charmed humanoids - skewered it with a spear.

Under Vertume's Tower

Vertume was a sprightly type, having tossed out every scrap of his/her ever having been there - every floor of the tower absolutely barren - except for Vertume's own corpse on the stair, which animated as soon as Hanna got up to it. She and Martin laid waste to the glowy-eyed skeletal-wight thing. Vertume's mendicant life left nothing for the adventurers except his/her head, taken by Richard.

Robert Casts FIREBALL!

Crossing the Aviary to connect some dots, the party was ambushed by more gnolls, who were dispatched and one charmed. This was a nervous attack — Marcel the goblin went loping into the darkness and Pritchard Hood, also of the back rank, got slashed and battered before the fighters could help him.

While discussing their maps and interviewing their captive - understanding they were close to the gnoll lair - javelins were thrown from the darkness! The advantage of surprise was not theirs and Robert Hazart, who floats somewhat above the earth these days, shot a terrific aglommeration of heat and fire from his hands some ways into the darkness. Gnoll flambé. One was left - they cut him up.

Under Cezarine's Tower

Under the "One More Room" doctrine, the party opened a double doors to discover what must be Cezarine's Tower. Here is where Richard once entered the dungeons. It must also be where the gnolls continually enter. (Plugging it may be key.) Anchoring their maps with the placement of the two new-found towers, they party left, satisfied.

Losses & Loot
Our heroes defeated 5 gnoll zombies, and 11 gnolls, and the undead remains of Vertume. Each member of the party received 78gp.

For creatures defeated and wealth acquired, party members each received 135xp.

They recovered Adironne's Guardian, a superb defensive sword once held by their friend, Karvenn. They also found a magical dagger with a simple striking bonus.

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