G53: Anon, Quasqueton

This session was played on October 12, 2010, featuring Goldfinch, Hop-Frog Berbatov, Pritchard Hood and Richard Loubeau, as well as the hirelings Jacques and Julius.


[Note: This summary was provided by naked samurai, the player of Hanna Darrowkin. Some statements may not be entirely accurate.]


Mindful that a previous version of the Crossed Swords located a throne room and maybe another room belonging to the warrior Roger du Gare, the party was ushered in that direction nonetheless, the grunts hoping to find stronger weapons or armor to match what was found in the wizard's quarters some weeks prior.

A long passage lead to a mold-covered room presumably belonging to Roger's mistress, Melissa, who had either become a shrill, shrieking fungus in the middle of the bed, or was long dead. If she was the Shrieker, she is now dead, regardless. For all the racket the thing caused, it attracted only a single flying centipede, which had a door shut in its face. A secret door was discovered behind an oval mirror that lead to Roger's bedchambers (wily one, he), and a hollow in a bedpost produced some small gems in a bag.

Without regard, Richard stuck his head beneath Roger's bed, only to be attacked by swarms of giant flying centipedes, making him very sick from the bites. Nothing was found in the room and the party returned to Eastkeep for the thief-dabbler to get back his hale self.


The next foray lead them to Roger's bechamber behind an ornate locked door. Inside was a massive wood bed with intricate wood carvings and other sundries, including elaborate wall-designs depicting his arcane prowess (long gone…?). A needle trap in a nightstand rendered Goldfinch's delicate, elven right hand useless for some time and its lock stymied Richard so much that Hop-frog dutifully smashed the thing apart, to the discovery of some usefuls. A giant spider slipped into the room and was dispatched.

One side door went to an odd treasure nook, where the treasure was illusory and hiding two spiders. Pritchard, not to be outdone, called forth a phantom roc to tear open the roof and devour the spiders like grubs. Spider throats were slit. Another door went to a large closet with moldering cloaks and table and shelves filled with papers and junk. Bolts of cloth hid a giant moth, smashed utterly with one downward dwarven arm-stroke.

A nearby, oddly shaped room with a ceiling vent might have been an armory of sorts, but wallpegs were absent weapons, or non-broken weapons, breaking this dwarf's heart. Two large locked chests were dragged away and later discovered to be empty.

Last, a library was looted. Two liveried deadmen stood guard, but rather unmoving. Chateau lessons learned, they were bound nonetheless. More books and scrolls found the interior of leather sacks and cages along the wall occupied by glowing beetles were stolen, the beetles later sold. Sold, too, by Hop-frog, were books on botany and regional history, etc., for quite a pretty gold piece. Satisfied by the work done, the party decamped to Eastkeep, then back to points south.

Losses & Loot
Our heroes defeated a shrieking fungus, four giant flying centipedes, a huge spider, two large spiders and a giant moth. The loot included several small gems, an ivory wand enspelled to seem magical, three magical scrolls, numerous non-magical books and scrolls, and some cages full of dwarf fire beetles. Each member of the party received ?gp.

For creatures defeated and wealth acquired, party members each received ?xp.

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