G52: Effluvium!

This session was played on This session was played on October 7, 2010. The party was composed of Martin Le Black, Joshua Ben Sabra, Goldfinch, and a bevy of hirelings. Midway through the excursion, the group was fortuitously joined by a slightly damp and grouchy Robert Hazart (his fine purple slippers were ruined by the muck of the river banks!). Naked Samurai was the DM.

[Note: This summary was provided by Lord Bodacious, the player of Martin Le Black. Some statements may not be entirely accurate.]

An Indecent Proposal

Lord Marchosias, was so impressed by the efficient and discrete manner with which Martin completed his first task, that he invited the Black Swordsman and his companions to undertake a further mission, one of a more serious manner. The royal envoy tasked the company with a trek into the river wilds of the Loir Valley. Therein, they were to seek a lost party previously sent by Lord Marchosias, and follow up the initial assignment: find any sign of the wizard Orision in his remote lab, and seek the source of a vile taint that has innundated this essential river, sickening the local townsfolk of late. The band was promised a great reward, and full rights to any materiel that they should discover in the field.

Inspired by the opportunity, Martin marched to the Smoking Owl to rally his stalwart band of adventurers. Upon arriving at the Company’s usual table in the corner, Martin Morthommes discovered two strangers. While they claimed to be members of the Company, the two neophytes were unfamiliar, and the Captain of the Goblin Knights was immediately suspicious of their ability. Relenting, the small group resolved to bolster their ranks with hired arms, and had success in bringing on the following:

- Sebienne: A local medicine woman, Sebienne practices the old ways of the wood witches, worshipping the fat bellied mother spirit.
- Jaques the Axeman: Tired of his life as a Lumberjack, and inspired by tales of adventure the red blooded Jaques has turned his axe to the chopping of foes instead of trees.
- Guillome: Continuing the proud tradtion of child hirelings, Sebienne’s young brother dreams of nothing more than carrying torches and loot for bold adventurers.
- Millipede the Greasy: Having enjoyed relative success serving Marin Le Black, this green skinned fellow returns with his trademark giant millipede helmet and funny accent.
- Marcel: Technically a Goblin manservant, not a henchman.

Into the Wild

The party was lucky to find a railroad line leading directly to the dungeon. Despite several attempts to become lost, the mystic train deposited them unerringly at the doorstep of the Wizard’s lair. During the journey, the group discovered that Joshua Ben Sabra was something of a lothario, using his special ability to Seduce the Ladies to woo the homely Sebienne (who has a charisma of 3).

Down the Hole

Searching a number of chambers, Goldfinch began to assemble notes and journals of the wizard Orison. His research surrounded experiments with flammability of certain creatures, and a peculiar obsession with a species of glowing worms that appeared to be common in the local water system (the party found bronze castings, of what appeared to be these small worms). The stronghold was characterized by a number of gates, drains and channels dedicated to the drainage of large quantities of water. The level of the water appeared somewhat lower than the facility was built to accommodate. These flows were full of strange glowing worms and large translucent eggs, although the group did not observe any obvious signs of filth that might be responsible for the sickening of the people of Malinbois.

The party quickly discovered the remains of a dwarf – one of Marchosias’ men. While the armor of his two human companions was piled with his body, their corpses (and the dwarf’s legs) were nowhere to be found. The group dragged the corpse, a stack of love letters, and a lucky alligator tooth worn by the doomed lackeys to the entrance to be recovered later.


Bypassing a pile of dwarf intestines, the party bypassed a fallen portcullis with the help of Joshua Ben Sabra’s clever machinations. It was unclear whether this gate was meant to keep crime out, or keep somebody’s ass in! It was the second thing! Several ghouls sprang to attach from a decimated bed chamber. Could these abominations be the animated corpses of the Wizard and his companions? Unclear – it did appear that this group was gaunt and underfed

At Least They Weren’t Torchbearers

After discovering a secret door at the base of the stairs, the band headed through a number of chambers. Opening a heavy mahogany door, they were ambushed! A party of evil adventurers had taken refuge in the chamber; a swarthy lady wizard with a mohawk began weaving a spell, a heavily armored axeman lunged into combat, and a thief struck from the shadows, narrowly missing the wizard Hazart, and a Halfling charged the shins of Martin Le Black! Quick thinking and an effective sleep spell quickly crippled the party, as a volley of arrows dispatched the remaining members. Martin snatched the seductive spell slinger, smashing her head into a wall and throwing her into manacles. The thief was also taken captive, while the others were slain. Pawing through pouches and packs, the Crossed Swords discovered a mix of potions and scrolls, and equipment to fully equip their henchmen, including a natty set of Halfling sized gear for little Guillome.

The party was slightly perplexed by a strange coinage carried by the evil adventurers, ovular coins of shiny silver, Joshua Ben Sabra suspected this was the legendary “Platinum”minted by the Wizard Princes of Glantri City… having never seen the metal, the rest of the group remained suspicious.

Trap Maintenance

After a fall through the stairs nearly killed Goldfinch (or was it Joshua?). The characters found a room full of boxes – their contents? Boards, spears and what appeared to be a solution to render the obscuring fog. This dungeon owner does not mess around! Someone has to reset these traps! Returning later to check a door at the top of these clearly important stairs, Joshua and Martin learned that the door was in fact another trap! The wall slammed the duo back into the hold, gravely wounding Martin and tragically killing the charming rogue. Sebienne choked back a sob, it was only then they realized that she had fallen in love with the rake.

We Thought you was a TOAD

Throughout their exploration, the party had a couple of encounters with strange, batrachian creatures that blended into the walls of the dungeon, and emitted a nauseating stench. Goldfinch recalled that he had dated one of the creatures in his youth, and they were known as Trogolodytes, a lost race of subterranean creatures (Goldfinch’s extensive library of languages is a result of his polyamorous past. Each language was learned from a former lover or wife, apparently his relationship with the Trog was too short lived to impart anything more than dabbling familiarity with their tongue).

Having explored nearly every cavern, the group turned at last to the source of the water flowing through the palace of sump. Suspecting that an ambush might be ahead, the Robert Hazart summoned an illusory image of himself holding a large fish and a purse plump with coins. Sending the shadow self into the unexplored chamber, a massive pink proboscis promply snapped the illusion into a puff of smoke, while hisses of frustration followed from within.

The party was quickly beset by a band of infuriated Trogolodytes, including a massive leader, his stout bodyguard, and a Giant Toad, easily the size of a bull oxen! Having already encountered many injuries and lost one of their members, the party fell back into a defensive position overlooking the drainage chamber.

Goldfinch assembling human and goblin archers along the edge, unleashing volleys of deadly arrows. While his shots were true, the elf significantly depleted his quiver of magic shafts.

The fighters held back the enemies melee attacks, beating back a flanking party and protecting their injured numbers.

The great toad snared Millipede with its massive tongue, his strange helmet making him an irresistible temptation. Grappling the terrible tongue, Martin leaped from the ledge, floating like a dandelion seed and slashing at the tongue! His courage was just quick enough, as he impaled the great beast before millipede was digested by its acrid stomach juices.

Powerful magic was unleashed from Hilduin’s Cube: “LAMPAC!” Robert Hazart launched a mighty illusory lightning bolt at the warty trio, but to no avail! They were wise to his clever illusions and fought on. “LUMINAS” (sp?) The tenacious sorcerer unleashed another powerful spell from his powerful cube – like a scaly lantern, the largest Troglodytes skull lit up as the light spell landed squarely on its eyeballs, blinding the brute!

Even young Guillome helped by guarding the prisoners (newly accoutered in the slain evil Halfling’s kit).

Women and Children Last

With his companions slain by bolt and blade, the largest of the Trogolodytes attempted to flee back to his stinky lair, but was cut down in his boots by the merciless Company. Their brood within suffered the same fate, as the adventurers discovered their lair. The remaining members of Marchosais’ party were discovered, a sacrifice to a foul toad god. This appeared to be the source of the rivers befoulment as well, as the vile creatures wastes and their evil magic oozed in filthy runnels into the river. Defiling the altar in the name of the Nature Goddess, Sabienne attempted to eradicate the presence of the evil deity.

Losses & Loot
Our heroes defeated ?. The loot included ?. Each member of the party received ?gp.

For creatures defeated and wealth acquired, party members each received ?xp.

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