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520 AD

After the previous year's debacle, our knights seized upon an opportunity to seek adventure outside of Logres. King Anguish of Ireland sought allies to join him in defending Leinster against the pagan High King Muircheartach. Sir Hervis, Sir Carabad, and Sir Emarouse led a small band of Salisburian knights across the Irish Sea in search of adventure.

In which our knights arrive in Ireland and survey the land

King Anguish met his foreign allies with a grand feast in his castle at Wexford. The men discussed strategy for several days before news of the High King's army was reported by Anguish's scouts. At Emarouse's suggestion, the Salisburian knights were to act as outrunners and skirmishers, while King Anguish's and Sir Gerald's knights would act as the main force.

The army marched west out of Wexford, through the Anferginan Pass, and into the hilly country of the south. Inspired by the surprise attack by King Ban and King Bors against King Lot in the Battle of Bedegraine, the knights of Salisbury found a small forest from which the Army of Anguish could hide and ambush the High King as his forces crossed a nearby river. It would be up to the Salisburian outrunners to lure the enemy into position.

In which Sir Emarouse becomes a flesh-collecting fear dearg

The outrunners rode around the mountain and visited a small peasant village on the western side. The peasants were suspicious of the British knights, and warned them that they were at the foot of the legendary Mountain of the Women, which was haunted by ghostly women and flesh-collecting "fear deargs." Only a fool would dare traverse its slopes.

The knights decided to use the peasants' superstitions to their advantage. Sir Emarouse, already appearing quite terrifying in his bearskin and elk horn helmet, was decorated to look like a fear dearg. As the enemy force approached the mountain, he rode down the hill with a terrifying wail. Pagan soldiers broke ranks as the fear dearg rode into their ranks, joined by the rest of the Salisburian knights. After a brief skirmish, the knights retreated and lead High King Muircheartach on a merry chase around the mountain.

In which King Anguish achieves a decisive victory

High King Muircheartach, in his fury, followed the Salisburian knights through the mountain pass and into the jaws of their trap. As his army foundered across the river, King Anguish's men emerged from the forest and a great battle ensued. The knights of Salisbury performed with much valor. The High King's forces were soon routed, as an army of footmen with spears stood no hope of defeating an equal force of mounted and armored knights.

Afterward, another fest was held in Wexford. King Anguish and Queen Isoud graciously lavished their guests with food and drink before presenting them with their reward: manors in Leinster.

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