G50: Return To Quasqueton

This session was played on September 23, 2010, featuring Goldfinch, Hop-Frog and "Rusty" Buckles and the hirelings Guy, Henri and Julius. They were later joined by Louis Lamont.


[Note: This summary was provided by naked samurai, the player of Hanna Darrowkin. Some statements may not be entirely accurate.]

The magic mouths and even three giant, flying centipedes were not enough to deter these braves. Sinking further into the forboding corridors, they found a dining hall with a statue room beyond, looting a jeweled dagger from between seat cushions and speculating at the exquisite marble sculpture. This art piece was sunk deep into the stones of the floor, carved from a single, mighty column of marble: If this were ever removed it could be worth - in the dwarf's estimation, some thousands of gold.

Curious goblins exchanged some words in their small-mouthed tongue - "we are friends" "dwarf! dwarf!" - before one of the hirelings jumped the gun. The humanoids scrambled back down the halls, one of their number down.

Henri and Guy suggested one corridor lead to rooms already explored (possibly by the Company). The artful vision of the elf discovered a sequence of secret doors that lead to neatly stacked construction material and a kitchen pantry with a team of goblins waiting in ambush. Spears and arrows knocked out Henri and killed poor Rusty. The party dispatched the rest and two goblins surrendered, but managed to get away after questioning.

The halfling was buried in the forests of his dear heart. The Company captains were too wounded to foray again; instead, a feverish magic-user attended the next assault.

Two giant spiders were shot down and what appeared to be Zelig du Gare's secret laboratory and torture chamber were discovered by Goldfinch's keen eye. Numerous scrolls of magical research lay scattered on tables, including sketches of building automatons and clues about enchanting weapons and shields. The torture chamber had a hide stretched on a rack with magical runes inscribed upon it, alas, crumbling when it was seized. A coffin contained a bedraggled corpse wrapped with a sturdy silver chain that Hop-Frog retrieved after chopping the corpse's head off. A health precaution: once the chain was removed the thing tried to animate, but could not without its cockpit. A jar launched a mad laughing sickness upon the elf, who tormented with convulsive giggles for nearly half an hour.

Further exploration lead to a twisting, finally abandoned passage, and also a locked door under which a maniacal red light issued. The party thought best to return with their spoils.


One halfling dead, two hirelings left in convalescence. Numerous scrolls of some promise found, many left in Eastkeep with Louis Lamont. A few goblins, three flying giant centipedes, and two large spiders killed.

Goldfinch and Hop-Frog left for Malinbois to make their mark as hopefuls of the Company of Crossed Swords; the drunkard wizard stayed behind. Quasqueton remained rich with promise.

Losses & Loot
Our heroes defeated a black bear, a three flying giant centipedes, eight goblins and two large spiders. They gathered a dagger adorned with cheap stones and a couple of precious-metal drinking implements. Each member of the party on the first leg of the adventure received 38gp, while those on the second leg received an additional 36gp.

For creatures defeated and wealth acquired, party members on the first leg of the adventure each received 74xp, while those on the second leg received an additional 39xp.

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