G46: Gender Bender

This session was played on August 27, 2010, featuring Farkas Fulmont, Karvenn, Handsome Hans, Martin le Black, Pritchard Hood and Richard Loubeau, as well as a cameo by Percival the Merciful.


[Note: This summary was provided by Lord Bodacious, the player of Martin le Black. Some statements may not be entirely accurate.]

What a Horrible Night to Have a Curse

The last storms of winter have blown through the mountains and vales of Glantri, and the first early buds have begun to show. With the snow drifts melting from the trade highways, and the ice floes clearing from the Glantri River, caravans and boats have begun to arrive once more, and goods fill the markets across the principalities. Anxious and rested, hearty adventurers foray once more into the untamed frontiers and wild lands.

Keen to fatten their purses and escape their wintry, the mighty Company of the Crossed Swords assembles in the anteroom of the Smoking Owl. Many of these faces are greatly changed over the winter. Pritchard Hood is drawn and pale, a harried look about his eyes. Hans sports an unseasonal tan upon his striking visage, and exotic scarves and baubles on his person. Marin Le Black is dressed in an uncharacteristic tabard of green, emblazoned with an unusual crest, and a bronze sword hangs at his side. Farkas seems to have redoubled his consumption in the cold months, adding at least 10 stone to his solid girth.

As the group discusses strategy, Karven cannot help but notice on the strange behavior of Martin and Pritchard; both seem to have taken fey moods since the acquisition of their enchanted weapons. As experienced adventurers, the group determines that their associates may have fallen under the sway of evil sorcery. The group agrees to visit the most powerful healers they know of, the sisters of Trianomma.

Having wracked his soul to defy the bane of the bat-god, Cama-Zotz, Pritchard readily agrees to Karven's suggestion. The Bronze Swordsman denies any claims of spellcraft, violently refusing to accompany the group in their pilgrimage to the temple of Trianoma in Glantri city.

Accompanied by the Hexarch, Percival the Merciful, the band journeys to Glantri city, where they meet with Camilla, priestess of Trianomma. The sister quickly diagnoses the nature of Hood's curse and brings the full power of the Thrice Named to bear, casting a powerful spell that breaks the magic. As a reward for entrusting the evil dagger to the church, the priestess grants the party a boon: 3 phials of “The Milk of Trianoma”, a powerful curative.

The Chair of Gender Inversion

Less cursed than before, the party sets out for the Chateau. An uneventful trek along muddy roads brings the group to the courtyard of the ruined castle where they met with the Tal of the Flaming Brand, receive a blessing from the shaman of Ignus, and proceed directly to the Grand Stair region of the dungeon.

Descending to the second floor below ground, the party enters a long wide hallway. After leaving a giant yellow mass undisturbed in an abandoned bedroom, the group cautiously enters a ruined dining hall, with a huge stone throne at it’s center. Martin Le Black uses the magic detecting ability of the Wind’s Edge to confirm that the chair is indeed magic, though none of the group is able to read the mysterious runes carved thereupon. As quick as that, the sprightly Halfling Hans hops into the chair, invoking the strange magic. It soon became clear that the chair had transformed Hans into a woman!

Unperturbed, our intrepid explorers continue into a large chamber, dimly lit by a magical hearth. Detecting an evil presence, the adventurers set upon a famished troll lying in ambush in the corner of this grand ballroom. Pritchard Hood cast his powerful magic of charming, bringing the beast under his command. Unfortunately the party did not speak the brute's language, and the idiot beast was set upon devouring the rest of the party. After convincing the troll to sit in the Throne of Gender Transmutation, Pritchard lured the troll into an abandoned bedroom, lovingly rubbed it down with oil, and set it on fire! It was a disturbing time in the history of the Company.

Deeper and Deeper

Following the magic of the Wind’s Edge, the party detected a cache of gold hidden on a lower floor. A small stair led down through a great kitchen, and into a series of mold infested bedrooms. Searching carefully, the group found a stash of coin and potions. Richard Loubou produced a remarkable magic torch which animated into a homunculus when lit, allowing the party to bypass more of the deadly mold and retrieve a box of enchanted snuff.

Returning to the kitchen, the party explored the great pantry of the Ambrevilles. Despite the thick webs coating the ceiling, the band was surprised by the attack of an enormous arachnid, who nearly poisoned Karven (?) with its gruesome bite. After slaying the beast, the group determined to search the barrels, and brought gifts of tallow and honey to the orcs above, keeping a cask of preserved rock candy to entice little goblin children (naturally).

In an effort to understand the layout of the area, the party continued into a rough cavern, where they detected small footprints of humanoid creatures wearing shoes, and a large locked portal. Determining that this might be the lair of the dangerous “Wizard Goblins” they had been warned of, the crew deferred plundering this area to a later date.

Much enriched with magic items and safe from harm, the Company made the uncharacteristic choice of leaving the dungeon and visit Tertullian to identify some of their magic items.


Hans is now a lady. Pritchard is no longer cursed by the dagger (make what you will of his penchant for charming and murdering humanoids). The party has begun to piece together a map of the 2nd and 3rd floors beneath the Chateau.

Losses & Loot
Our heroes defeated a single large troll, a giant spider, and circumvented a yellow mold. The party encountered NO GHOULS. All rejoiced.

The group discovered coins and pearls worth 200gp, two potions of invisibility, and some magic snuff. Each character received 174xp and 39gp.

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