G45: Smashing Statues

This session was played on August 19, 2010, featuring Arnold Littleworth (aka Zolobachai of the Nine Visions), Farkas Fulmont, Hamish the Dim, Handsome Hans, Martin le Black and Robert Hazart. The party was accompanied by the hirelings Millipede, Robert LeBoeuf and Watteau.


[Note: This summary was provided by naked samurai, the player of Handome Hans. Some statements may not be entirely accurate.]

Marseil's Demesne

Prompted by the visiting Zolobochai, bolstered by the enthusiasm of Hamish, the party descended to the fearsome face/doors barring entrance into the chambers of this ancient, possibly undead, sorceror. Much discussion about Passwall spells, the use of ESP to find the fell intelligence. Eventually what happened was Zolobochai approaching the iron door, jamming the iron key into its mouth, having the key spit out, and getting immolated by the door's bad breath. The party pulled him up the stairs where he promptly vanished, while unconscious, presumably into the dimension that bore him.

The Grand Stair to the Four Statues Room

The party made it back to the statue room without incident. Much planning had come to nought in attacking these statues, as manacles around the ankles were ineffective and they abandoned other approaches to the age-old standby of a frontal assault. These statues were:

  • a woman in scanty armor holding a bronze sword over her head
  • a woman in robes holding a chalice
  • a wizardly man holding a staff
  • a merchant-like man holding a talisman

These come to life when attacked or their object disturbed. After killing two of the statues (first and second), they realized the outstretched marble hands could be offered exchange to drop whatever they were holding. They traded a single torch for the staff and, perhaps overpaying, 100gp for the talisman.

The first statue dropped a 'Wind Sword' that talks and could only be clutched by one with a chaotic mind. It was very insistent on staying in Martin's grasp, which was at the time suspicious to me (Handsome Hans). This statue blew huge gouts of wind that tumbled our fat fighter Farkas into our reluctant gobling and dim cleric.

The second statue proved much tougher. Prompted by an amazing chain of direct hits by this chalice-bearing monument and amazing bad luck in the company's attack rolls, they were left slipping into increasingly bloody puddles spat out from her lips. The two hirelings bit the watery dust. Farkas nearly was lost to this world. But they managed to take it down.

With the Wind Sword's arrogant hints, they traded objects to the other two statues.


They moved into the body closet and dispatched the six (?) zombies animating there. Beyond was another area that will prove difficult for the party's capabilities: a swirling green fog the magician Robert Hazart believed to be a standing Cloudkill. The door was quickly shut.

On return to the Grand Stair they were attacked by six Dark Goblin/Ghouls from below. Getting the jump, they paralyzed Martin and wiped out Millipede. Hamish turned enough to leave the rest manageable and Robert's illusions electrified the rest. Three disappeared down the stairs in fear. The goblin and its master were dragged upstairs, both barely ticking, but alive.

Losses & Loot
The party defeated two animated statues, four zombies and six night-goblin ghouls. They obtained four magical devices made of bronze: a staff believed to be a staff of striking, the haughty sword named Wind's Edge, a chalice with healing properties and a protective talismanic disk as large as a person's face. No gold was acquired.

For creatures defeated and wealth acquired, each party member received 172xp.

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