G43: Just Some Good Old Boys

This session was played on August 5, 2010, featuring Richard Loubeau, Pritchard Hood, and, men of the cloth Karel, and Quantus. The party was briefly accompanied by Vassily, the young soldier Digby, and a hired arm named Joe.


In which a new and different type of non-death flaps in from a half-world away.

[naked samurai: see the next session for a summary]

Losses & Loot
The party defeated 3 cultists, a patchwork crocodile abomination, and the venomous serpents animating the latter. They obtained a mundane short sword, some bloodied and unenchanted leather armor, a doll of the abomination made from unidentifiable hide, an obsidian dagger and a small occult pyramid of the same material, a case of magical fletchings, an enchanted piccolo, an Elvish-to-Cultist phrasebook (in-progress), one large hide stripped from the abomination, 15 gold pieces of domestic stamp, 5 gold pieces of an exotic stamp, 10 gold rings, 1 gold necklace, 1 pair golden earrings.

For creatures defeated and wealth acquired, each party member received 231 xp and a share of 133 gp.

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