G41: The Glass Tiddly Wink

This session was played on July 8, 2010, featuring Sassafras, Joshua ben Sabra, and Richard Loubeau.

The session was run by guest DM Naked Samurai.


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Losses & Loot
The party scrupulously avoided combat, failing to do so only against two guard dogs, a trio of thieves (one of whom escaped; the deceased being two humanoids, one lizard-like, one 50% larger than a normal man [this was a Bugbear - Naked Samurai]), a tentacle [will not say what this was - N.S.], some large rodents, and their lying employer (also a thief).

For this, the party received some rewards from the Church of Setraline, and some pickings from the villain. These include three magic torches, a box that can magically store small objects, and a suit of Leather Armor +1. A sample of the highly sought-after magical drippings was used to imbue Sassafras's scarf with extraordinary durability, and a breathtaking orange hue that really brings out the color in his cheeks.

For creatures defeated and wealth acquired, each party member received 138xp.

DM Commentary: The 'glass tiddly-wink' of the title never came about in the fashion I anticipated. A huge stained-glass window, partly completed, had been intended as a wobbly set piece for the final battle, suspended on pylons above the glass-blowing forge on the second level of a cathedral, thieves dropping down on ropes, a brute defending them, a near-sided dwarf and his goblin workers scrambling to save what they can…

The party, numbering only three, essentially walked around it, and there is no blaming them. If I were ever to run this again - other than more classic dungeoneering and making this perhaps a two-session module - I would make this combat essential to its completion. Also, make the factions involved (two churches, two bandit groups, a strange hermit) clear from the very start and let the party determine whose side they wanted to be on — or scamper away with the goods themselves!

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