G36: Talking To Snakes And Doors

This session was played on May 20, 2010, featuring Breca the Sly, Hamish the Dim, Handsome Hans, Karvenn, Martin le Black, Rainbow, Robert Hazart and Thurogood. The party was later joined by Boarface Bristlebrush, Halafa, Pritchard Hood and Snickwick.


[Note: This summary was provided by Sternum, the player of Hamish the Dim. Some statements may not be entirely accurate.]

From the

as transcribed from the dying words of

by his devoted servant, LEM

And lo, the Company of Crossed Swords departed Malinbois with high spirits and hopes. Their ranks had swollen to include heroes such as….

Martin Le Noir
Robert Hazart
Hamish the Dim
Handsome Hans
… and a rogue shrouded in mystery.

A truly unstoppable force!

After a brief encounter with the infamous Torchbearers, the Company arrived at the Chateau d' Amberville in the late afternoon. They were met by the customary greeting and fire ritual from their erstwhile allies, the Burning Brand orcs. Although there was an initial push to rest through the night and start exploring the ruins in the morning, Hamish gave a brief sermon on the impetuous nature of the Boss, which inspired the slothful members of the party to start ransacking buildings immediately.

The Company ventured into the upper reaches of the Serpent Tower. The first few levels were nondescript, but the topmost tier featured a chilling tableau of zombies battling over an altar of a blasphemous snake god. Even more disconcerting was the giant skeletal serpent wrapped around the demon idols. If the Company had gone searching for evil to smite, this was it!

Battle was joined. Rainbow hacked valiantly at the monstrous undead serpent, only to be struck down by its terrible coils. After several flasks of holy water and a fearsome smiting by the Fist of the Boss and Bazilien, it was dispatched along with the remaining zombies. Thurogood was so overwhelmed by the power and glory of the Boss that he leapt on Hamish and gave him a huge hug as the battle came to its exciting conclusion.

The Company began the sanctification ritual to purify this blasphemous altar, which entails smashing it open and taking all objects of value from within. This was done by Hamish, Martin, and Karvenn while the rest of the party stood far, far away. Unfortunately, the Snake God was slightly more cunning than the followers of the Boss, and a shower of poisonous darts greeted our heroes as they desecrated the holy site. Hamish dodged out of the way while Martin and Karvenn both got a faceful of venom. Martin's magical antivenin amulet saved him from a certain death, but alas, poor Karvenn toppled over and died.

On the upside, the altar was filled with all sorts of blasphemous trinkets. Thorogood warned that stealing these evil baubles would bring a doom down upon us, and that we should leave them alone, but having just witnessed the deaths of two comrades in the pursuit of fortune and glory, the Company of Crossed Swords said, "BRING IT ON."

At this point, the Company parted ways. Martin, Robert, and Hans returned to Malinbois to see if they could possibly save Karvenn while Hamish, Thorogood, and the mysterious rogue manned their station at the Chateau. In a stunning coincidence, Boarface Bristlebrush, Snickwick, a wandering mage hunter, and a fighting woman soon arrived to take their place.

The party explored the bottom levels of the Tower of Marty, encountering several talking doors, before retiring for the day.

Losses & Loot
The party defeated ten zombies and one skeletal giant snake. They pried a double handful of gold fragments and semiprecious stones off of an altar to a serpentine Chaos goddess; the value of this treasure has not yet been assessed. They also obtained a set of gold and copper altar pieces in the same location; they traded these with the temple of Trianoma in exchange for attempting to raise Karvenn from the dead.

For creatures defeated and wealth acquired in looting the Serpent Tower, the surviving party members (Breca, Hamish, Hans, Martin, Robert and Thurogood) each received 1254xp.

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