G35: Looting The Nest

This session was played on May 12, 2010, featuring Hamish the Dim, Martin le Black, Rainbow, Robert Hazart, Silt, Ur-Boss and a nameless thief.


[Note: This summary was provided by Lord Bodacious, the player of Martin le Black. Some statements may not be entirely accurate.]

Prologue: Family Matters

The Company returned to the city of Glantri. Hard men made harder still by their choices and their follies, the adventurers reveled in their continued survival, throwing their gold about with reckless abandon.

With Robert’s renovations on the Chateau Hazart nearly complete, and Martin newly appointed as second Goblin Master, Aunt Alzenia seemed to be warming to the motley band that accompanied her prodigal nephew. A meeting with Alzenia imparted the support of the temple of Trianomma, by way of her knitting circle; the exact nature of this support remains unclear.

Part I: Who Says there Is No Use for Pick Pockets?

Wisely investing more of their hard-earned wealth in the excessive consumption of alcoholic libations, the party was surprised when a hard-eyed lass of the bar attempted to pickpocket Martin, making off with his hard-earned coin! After some debate at the point of a poisoned stiletto, the group agreed that the young lady was simply looking for her chance to make it, and appreciating her pluck, the company invited the young rougue and her halfling companion to join them in a field trip to the Chateau d’Ambreville.

Overhearing this exchange and eager for adventure and glory of his own, the elf Rainbow volunteered his sharp sword and sunny disposition to the assemblage, revealing further insights into this strange and rare race of demihumans.

Part II: Once More into the Breach

Pressing through Malinbois and the ruined town of Amberville without event, the company approached the encampment of the burning brand by nightfall. Decamping the night, the crew pressed on with Chagahn's blessing of Ignus as Gael ur-Boss looked eagerly looked on, the power of holy fire scintillating through her young nerves.

Descending through the ruined serpent’s tower, the party was struck by the reek of rotting birdmen from the site of their last battle. Presuming their feathered foes beaten or broken, the profit minded company pursued a thorough search of the aviary.

They encountered a wizard-scholar, Victor du Mont, who had been residing in the upper reaches of the dungeons, hidden by a magic of invisibility.

Part III: Bird Nest Soup

Entering into the large chamber where they first fought the wicked, winged warriors of the bird people, the Company spied a swarm of giant bees, who made no delay in attacking! With keep shots from the ranged weapons of the group, and a thorough sleep spell from the wizard Hazart, the group dispatched the giant insects without falling victim to their poisonous stings. Martin did not enjoy the same luck as a failed attempt to extract the poison caused his sword arm to swell completely, severly limiting his fighting ability.

They dredged the fountains and picked through the huge nests tucked into the surrounding rooms, collecting a myriad of trinkets and coins - the only treasures of interest included a sword and six arrows pulled from the fountains, all of which seemed unaffected by the corrosive waters.

Part IV: Moar Birds!

After fighting off a wandering band of zombies (and beheading the corpses) the party was ambushed by a remaining gaggle of the feathered fiends they had come to know so intimately. A fierce battle ensued in which Martin Le Black was tossed from a balcony, Gael, Bill, and the nameless thief fled, and Hamish bludgeoned a birdman into submission and bound the fiend onto the back of bill the mule. Ultimately, Robert’s powerful magic once again turned the tide against the fiends, with illusory lightening ripping through the weak minded avians.
There would be no respite however, as the still dispersed party was beset by a many tenticled horror from the dungeon, it’s paralyzing venom left Martin and Gael helpless, as the rest of the party rallied to defeat this menace.

Part V: Fighting Withdrawal

Wounded and wearied the company concurred that this excursion had delivered sufficient reward and that the exploration of the newly revealed mysteries beneath the castle would best be left for another day.

Beating a hasty retreat from the depths, the rising voice of Hamish the Dim betrayed a hint of agitation as he pursued a one sided argument with Bill the Mule. A casual observer could only concur that the Vicar of the Boss was losing.

Losses & Loot
The party defeated half a dozen giant bees, half a dozen zombies, four bird-men and one carrion crawler. They acquired a few hundred gold coins, several pieces of jewelry and various assorted trinkets, with a collective value of 1,271gp.

For creatures defeated and wealth acquired over the course of the session, the party members each received 242xp.

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