G34: Charles Le Ghoul

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This session was played on May 6, 2010, featuring Handsome Hans, Karvenn, Martin, Richard Loubeau, Robert Hazart and Thurogood, along with the henchdwarves Gathring and Odd.


[Note: This summary was provided by naked_samurai, the player of Handsome Hans. Some statements may not be entirely accurate.]

Part I: The Torchbearers

Our heroes began in one of the unoccupied towers of the Chateau d'Ambreville, one they intended to make a kind of location headquarters. While discussing adventuring plans, they noticed five horsemen riding toward the castle. They were identified as members of the Torchbearers, with a likely insignia on their surcoats, and tagging along was Thoroughgood, of the Crossed Swords. Martin discussed them in terms he spat rather than spoke, claiming these were bandits and ruffians. In the courtyard with the orcs, Martin and Hans nearly started a fight with the clearly superior group while Karvenn made googly-eyes with their cleric. Peace was restored and Tal took the Torches to his own quarters, a place the lowly Swords have never been.

The Torchbearers, we now know, have designs on the graveyard and are returning from previous adventures there.

Part II: The Fire Elemental

The party invited Chaghahn to come down for a look at the escaped minor fire elemental near the magical machinery discovered a couple sessions back. Four orcs attended their high priest. The elemental was found in a foul mood. It nipped flesh-searing wounds into one orc and Karvenn before everyone ran away. "Well, that's the fire elemental," the party said as way of goodbye. Here's hoping the priest figures out a way to deal with it, given the fire sign of Ignuus.

Part III: The Ghoulllll

Ditching the orcs, the party then stopped by the library to pick up a couple books. They had left behind a tied up Bird-Demon, whose throat was strangely slit; and also their deceased companion Charles le Donne. This man stood up in shambolic mirror of his former self, the strength of his spine gone, his insides seemingly rotted and speaking a horrid mockery of the Common language due to a much-elongated tongue. The party convened to discuss what to do with this pathetic creature before it plunged onto the back of Martin, paralyzing him with a yellowed claw. The heroes paid for their sin of leaving him behind by setting him on fire, then dragged the charred remains behind them on a cloak.

Part IV: Moar Birds

The plan was to leave the dungeons a this point to return to Glantri City. But adventure rides the bloodstream, does it not? Instead they found themselves nearing the bird chambers again, this time mapping an alternate entrance and very concerned about a 'su monster', which wasn't found.

A side chamber turned up a secret door into a small bedroom filled with swirling dust and moths. A portion of the party explored while the rest monitored the enlivening cries of birds in the distance. Martin managed to get a mammoth moth try to buss him through his faceplate before a flurry of weapons spurted it apart. In a secret swinging brick they found a nice cache of jewelry and a great satin scarf.

Bird days were here again, and in greater numbers than the Crossed Swords thought were left. Stout swords, zipping arrows, and Hazart's handy lightning blast illusion sent many back to their perches in the sky, their blood-curdling screeches not as fearsome as it was before - even the dwarves stood their ground - but their danger was again all too evident.

Part V: The Scorpion

With one or two birds straggling in the hallway, a gigantic scorpion burst from a chamber beyond. It snapped one in half while plunging its stinger into its head, flinging it aside for moving prey. Click-clack went its claws, its many legs navigating the lumpen bodies as if they weren't there.

The party fled up a circular stair, keeping all safe except the slow, tin-plated Martin. His expertise in poison only served to inform him how his insides would dissolve into mush if ever he was hit. Its strength alone was prodigious — a missed swing blew a marble railing to bits. Backing his way up the stair, cowering behind his shield, he got through a rubbled gap to safety. One tail blow got him on the backswing, the poison spurting into the air. Another downward jam stuck the heel of his boot, disintegrating it.

The halflings were a little too curious about plunking the trapped scorpion with their bows while the sensible characters fled into the castle courtyard. Sure enough, the arachnid's strength burst the rubble apart and it almost ended Thoroughgood right there. Hazart quickly arranged the group into a line around a corner, forming them into an illusion of a wall. It skittered past, directly for the orc encampment. This seriously tried the heroes' loyalty to their friends. Richard peeled off first, followed by the halflings shooting arrows. The scorpion plucked up an adolescent orcling before… Thwack! Thwack! — carefully placed arrow-strikes squished out the last of its bug life!

Losses & Loot
The party slew the ghouled Charles le Donne, a giant moth, ten bird men and one giant scorpion. They acquired a variety of jewelry wrapped in a gold-embroidered satin scarf, with a collective value of 4,470gp.

For creatures defeated and wealth acquired over the course of the session, the party members each received 674xp.

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