G33: Black Devil Birds

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This session was played on April 29, 2010, featuring Charles le Donne, Handsome Hans, Karvenn, Martin and Robert Hazart, along with the henchdwarves Gathring and Odd. The party was later joined by Richard Loubeau.


[Note: This summary was provided by naked_samurai, the player of Handsome Hans. Some statements may not be entirely accurate.]

The last adventure resulted in a multiplication of unopened doors. The Company resolved to check up on the weird magical machinery where they had been attacked by a Shadow and some kind of burning salamander thing melted a panel. With magic-users present, they might be able to understand it better. They were also aware of dark-feathered, sharp-beaked creatures in the remains found near the white ape's corpse. The fiery creature was easy to track, scorch marks and smoldering holes leading to a slumbering worm-thing wrapped in a coil in a closet. They thought to discuss this with the orcs later. The orcs are followers of Ignuus, a fire god, and their priests may have some use for it.

A large L-shaped chamber with a ringing balcony, chandeliers, and a flight below, bodies strewn beneath the gilded arched ceilings was very tempting - for the halfling, at least, who wanted to throw barrels down below to awaken what were obviously zombies. We've seen enough of those things to know. This was thought a project for another time.

Continuing on, we discovered a library behind barred double doors. Entranced by the generally entact nature of the spread, it didn't occur for some time that these doors were barred, from the inside, and there didn't appear to be anything living inside.

Some pattering feet announced creatures curious about the party's presence, before the sounds disappeared down the hall. Reconnaisance by Martin and Hans lead them to screaming back to the safety of the library before a group of weird Demon Chickens attacked. These were taller than man-sized, with crow-like heads, long arms ending in talons, dark blood, and a shrill, blood-curdling battle scream. The doors were barred and positions drawn before the Craven Dirty Birds burst in almost immediately. In the clacking bezerk frenzy we lost poor Charles le Donne. Another wave of Abominable Rooks and Crows poured in and with the significant aid of Robert Hazzard's phantasmal snake (as phallic as it sounds) they were broken. One bird was bound hand to foot with speculation he might be dropped off the balcony in the nearby zombie room.

Hans' bright idea was to find the nest, as he thought the warriors of this God's Forgotten Black Lacquered Doves tribe had been vanquished. This turned out to be very, very wrong. Tracing the gore, feather and guano path in larger frequencies, the Company found themselves in a pitched battle in a large atrium. As Grackels from Hell tried to glide beneath chandeliers to where they made their formation, more birds crept along the balcony sides and up recessed stairways in the walls. Robert fired phantasmal bolts of lightning in two directions, sending birds into systemic shock. The dwarves, overcome with terror, fled back into the safety of the hall while the halfling and tax-collector finished off the prostate.

Martin and Karvenn managed to plug one of the stairways, turning it into a sheet of blood This unholy slip-n-slide grew evermore hazardous. They dropped their weapons, an armless Mechanistic Tyrant of Feathers swung its stump, unaware its talon lay clutching in the corner. They tumbled and gyred in a death-only fight to the gore, seeped in an 80% black blood, 20% red blood knee-deep concoction to the very end.

That's when more rushed up the second stair and nearly ruined life for Hazzart and Hans, who had been invoking the name of Ulric to bolster the dwarves for a return. They made it back in time to thrust shields in front of the magic-user and enable the halfling to scramble for his bow. Richard, meanwhile, ran downstairs to cudgel from behind the monstrous versions of these Genocidal Hell-Hens taking the stout fighters within the realms of depart. Hazzard shot a light spell into the largest Foghorn LegDEATH left on the balcony, blinding and enraging it as it swung its fell talons terribly, and Hans plunked it right through the eye, locus of that spell, and sent the eye, its gory interior, and the light spell hurtling to the wall. It was some turns of vicious, bloody, mud-wrestling combat before the fighters and bureaucrat saved their lives handling the last Squawking Wretches of Interminable Rage.

Scarred, horrified, winded, satisfied by an epic carnage, the party took some time checking the alcoves set from the room and the fountains filled with feathers and refuse on the floor, gathering what they could. Richard chopped the head off one of Lucifer's Fellow Fallen Pigeon to produce for the orcs for surmise and respect. Alas, the plunder was interrupted by what might have been an Astral Santa Claus. Too wounded to face the strangeness, a previously unremarked passage produced the faint, ever growing sound of bells and faint, ever growing smell of cinammon, and the friends fled. Hans, curious to the last, paused at their entrance, letting the shadows cover him, waiting to see what emerged, but finally relented, tiny heart a-thumping, running back to the stairs.

Losses & Loot
The party slew twenty-one bird men and sent three more fleeing. They acquired 958 gold pieces, 86 silver pieces, two books of herbal and culinary lore, and a variety of treasures whose total value has yet to be assessed.

For creatures defeated and wealth acquired over the course of the session, the party members each received 436xp.

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