G30: The Dragon And The Dead

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This session was played on April 7, 2010, featuring Capstone, Charles le Donne, Gael and Karvenn. The party was later joined by Handsome Hans.


[Note: This summary was provided by naked_samurai, the player of Capstone and Handsome Hans. Some statements may not be entirely accurate.]

Capstone and Karvenn bid adieu to Thoroughgood and Scrymgauer from the last adventure, who had responsibilities to a more mundane plane of existence, and said hello to Gael, a cleric of 'the Boss', and Charles, who claims to also be a cleric of 'the Boss', but who is apparently a weak-ass magic-user. The first part of the adventure held a combat of wills of sorts between Capstone, who wanted to get started right away, bringing his orcish friends the supplies they asked him to get, and Gael, who wanted to go to Glantri City to spend time with some creature called 'Bill the Mule', either a prostitute or a bookkeeper of some kind. Apparently this figure gives him great luck. True to form, the lack of Bill's presence presaged doom for the cleric. This fact would have disheartened the initially irritated Capstone had he actually himself survived — he did not.

Entering the Castle area nearing dark, a scaly creature descended on the horsed Karvenn looking for easy prey and causing the party eventually to scatter. Gael rode away to a distance he felt was apt for spellcasting, followed in a nearby direction by the magic-using Charles, who is alas weak and non-hearty (but smart). As the monster dug into Karvenn's shoulder and backpack, Capstone vainly tried to help with his mace. Finally Karvenn shrugged off his backpack and the dragon-thing made off with his horse.

Meanwhile Gael had cast Detect Evil, a spell that informed him of the presence of a bunch of swift-moving, pustulent, cagy undead, who were alerted and moving his way. He took off, still on his horse, to draw them away from the party. He tried to turn them, failed, dropped his holy symbol, and ranged ahead into the darkness. Karvenn wound up peeling off after him, while Charles le Donne followed a confused Capstone in a direction the cleric thought would lead him to the castle (and friendly orcs) but merely lead him to his doom.

Calling out to the orcs managed to rouse them slowly to send assistance, but not before Gael fell to the ghouls. He saw Karvenn nearing the familiar watchtower and headed there, with the green nasties in tow. They curved off to attack Karvenn, paralyzing him and causing him to tumble down the hill before the brave cleric was able to distract them. His heroism saved the fighter, but the animalistic dead curled their wicked, paralyzing fingers into him, and carried his rigified body into the dark woods to be devoured before the orcs could retrieve him. They were able to save Karvenn.

The other two wandered in the lanterned dark unaware of the direction they were headed. Capstone foolishly tried to demolish a six-member crew of skeletons in a ruined winery thinking to have a safe place for the night. He was able to smash three of them to bits before getting ripped to pieces, sending the smarter Charles fleeing once again. Ultimately the ragged group, now a horseless duo of Karvenn and Charles was welcomed into the castle's walls with only a portion of the goods the orcs wanted. They returned to Malenbois to lick their wounds.

A second foray was joined by a pretty rad halfling of such stunning pulchritude one wonders how much time should be spent simply looking at him. Handsome Hans went with them to the castle and met the friendly orcs, who soon ushered them to the stairs entering the dungeons below. Here, after mapping a sequence of rooms finding no impediment, they encountered a couple zombie-things locked in miserable embrace inside a pantry. These foul creatures withdrew swords they had ran through the other and attacked the trio in close quarters. Charles lobbed crockery at their skulls and incinerated a decapitated head with a torch, Hans fired a couple arrows before joining in melee, and Karvenn lopped limbs off with his sword. After dispatching them, they returned with jars and cannisters filled with rotting cooking ingredients to the surface where the orcs reminded them they wished to have the heads of the creatures that have been vanquished. Our heroes turned glumly around, trudged to the pantry, and encountered some humongous termites, some thousands times larger than ordinary specimens of their kind. Gloom and despair hung over their battered hearts. Handsome Hans darted to the pantry, closing the door behind him, while Charles had the bright idea of pulling some benches stacked along the walls into the path of the termites by way of distraction. Hans left the pantry through an alternate door, passing two rooms with sacks in them (passing with dismay), and the friends regrouped at the surface. They were able to sell the old foodstuffs to the orcs for 60 gp before heading home.

There you go. We have at last entered the castle's dungeons, but these characters are aware they may need some help, or magical healing, in order to make it much more than tentatively farther.

Losses & Loot
The party defeated two skeletons and three zombies, and sold 60gp worth of rancid supplies and ceramic jars to the orcs.

For creatures defeated and wealth acquired over the course of the session, the party members each received 36xp.

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