G28: Things Take Shape

Real World Info

This session was played on March 25, 2010, featuring Archibaux Ruachi, Karvenn, Martin, Quélus Adémard and Snickwick, along with the henchgnomes Frognettle and Grittlesby.


In Glantri City, Martin held a wake for Theodore with the Hazart house goblins, and was surprised the next day when Alzenia Hazart learned of this and demanded to be compensated for Theodore's death as per their contract. He refused; she called upon a magistrate. Martin left spitting insults, and was banished from the household.

Next, the party sought more free magic items from the Temple of Trianoma, but were denied on account of not having anything to show for their trip beneath Castle Amber. They did, however, retain the services of Archibaux Ruachi, a magic-user associated with the church.

The party then traveled to Eastkeep to retrieve the gnomes that the Company had rescued from Quasqueton some weeks earlier. Making their way toward Malinbois, they encountered a pair of farmers with a broken-down cart. These proved to be vicious dopplegangers! The party slew one and drove off the other, but Archibaux Ruachi perished in the encounter.

After resting a couple of days at Malinbois, the party returned to Chateau d'Ambreville, accompanied by Quélus Adémard of Trianoma. But they didn't even make it to the castle, as they had a nasty run-in with a pack of skeletal vineyard-workers who did a number on our heroes, forcing them to return to Malinbois where they spent over a week recuperating from their wounds.

Their next trip to the castle was more successful. Finishing off the skeletons, they went beneath the ruined watchtower, where Snickwick and his fellow gnomes examined the stone block and determined that it could be lifted with the proper apparatus, reopening the passageway. They then moved on to the caves under the Dragon Tower, where they discovered that said tower was actually hollow, connecting to a shaft leading deep into the earth.

Unnerved by the vastness of the shaft and the faint drumming arising from below, our heroes left the castle and returned to Malinbois to ponder their next move.

Losses & Loot
The party defeated two dopplegangers and thirteen skeletons, from whom they acquired 3000ep, not to mention a cabbage-laden cart sold for 30gp.

For creatures defeated and treasures acquired over the course of the session, the party members each received 382xp.

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