G27: Burning Goblin, Undead Owlbear

Real World Info

This session was played on March 19, 2010, featuring Hamish, Karvenn, Martin and Robert Hazart.


[Note: This summary was provided by Hamish's player, Sternum. Some statements may not be entirely accurate.]

The Chronicles of The Boss
Transcribed from the Dying Words of Hamish the Dim, High Pope of Adventure

Chapter the 27th

In which the Company of Crossed Swords learns about the perils of fire and finds themselves on the wrong side of an undead owlbear's beak.

Dramatis Personae

Karvenn the Bold, a warrior
Martin le Noir, a swordman
Hamish the Dim, a priest
Robert Hazart, an illusionist

… And after a lengthy religious sojourn, Hamish returned to the Company of Crossed Swords, only to find them in the process of assaulting the mysterious Castle Amber. He joined them in their quest, and it was good.

The troupe traveled north to the ruined castle, which was decimated foul magicks in the last war and now served as a home for all sorts of devilish beasties. Sane men steered clear of these crumbling walls, but armed with the divine grace of the Boss, our heroes pressed forward.

Their first destination was the ruined watch tower, which was overrun with foul zombies that clamored forth from a stagnant well. Blessed by the divine patronage of Hamish the Dim, the fiends were kept at bay while Karvenn and Martin cleaved hands and legs from torsos in gory abandon. The warriors' limbs eventually tired from chopping limbs, so the party covered the well with a weighted board, which kept the corpses at bay.

The next morning, more zombies were encountered while searching the basement's nether regions for a tunnel access into the castle proper. Following the previous night's victories, the Company joined battle without fear, but the tide turned south following a mishap with burning oil. Martin's goblin manservant was burned to a crisp, and Karvenn suffered some severe burns to his long, womanly legs. Despite these shortfalls, the Boss's goodwill saw the party through this challenge, although they were covered with hideous burn scars. For followers of the Boss, physical deformity is a mark of piousness.

Stymied by collapsed rock barrier, the Company decided to shift their attention to the caves beneath the Tower of the Dragon. Using cunning magicks provided by Robert Hazart, they crept past the orcs and arrived at their new source of adventure. Immediately upon entering the cave, they were set upon by the skeletal remains of an owlbear.

Dear friends, this was an ugly battle—perhaps the ugliest Hamish had seen since partaking in a life of adventure and debauchery. Randy Rick, the Company's newest recruit, was disemboweled, and almost everyone else was mauled brutally by this temperamental abomination. Only the divine will of The Boss allowed the Crossed Swords to prevail against the beast, as a member of any of those other "common sense" religions would have fled for safety upon seeing this awful thing. For their faith, they were rewarded with a sack full of coins and some jewelry, which was found on the corpse of some poor bastard half buried in the cave.

Battered, the Company decided to retreat for the day and reassess their options.

Losses & Loot
The party defeated twelve zombies, twelve skeletons and an undead owlbear. They acquired roughly 4080 silver pieces (including a bit of copper and gold), an elaborately worked gold ring worth 400gp and a garnet-laden gold necklace worth 1200gp.

For creatures defeated and treasures acquired over the course of the session, the party members each received 614xp.

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