G26: Goblins Three

Real World Info

This session was played on March 3, 2010, featuring Gaël, Plir Va Tho and Robert Hazart.


Our heroes return to Glantri City in hopes of gathering more information about Chateau d'Ambreville. Sneaking Robert Hazart into the city to avoid the attentions of those seeking his Cube of Power, the party dabbled in chicanery with a corrupt city guardsman before scattering to work on their investigations. Robert is the most successful; he wheedles a map of the castle's upper works out of his aunt Alzenia and gains a promise of more maps and information once he brings back 1,000gp to demonstrate his usefulness.

Returning to the ruined watchtower, the party meets a trio of exploring house-goblins with whom they establish a shaky, mutually distrusting (and untrustworthy) relationship which leads all six fleeing from a single zombie. The party sends an illusionary apparition of a wild, torch-bearing magician at the castle that night with the goblins on scouting detail to measure the response of the orcs who control the place, then Gaël approaches the gates to ask entry to see his 'friend', the 'mad wizard Horatio,' and warns that terrible things will happen if he does not administer 'sanity-restoring herbs' to the nonexistent magician. The orcs are not fooled.

The next day, Robert invisibly circumnavigates the castle, noting various points where the party might gain access, after which the party commences a wild ride through Ambreville town, spotting several undead and coming close to being dismounted and eaten by ghouls. They try the illusion gambit again that night, but as the phantom magician 'Horatio' rides up, an orcish sortie captures one of the spying goblins. The orcs release the goblin with a warning that their patience is exhausted; further intrusions will be met with violence.

After gathering information from the captured goblin about the layout of the castle courtyard, the party proceeds to insult the goblins into parting ways with the party, thus negating their initial agreement to split any wealth from the expedition fifty-fifty (despite the trip yielding no wealth whatsoever). Unburdened by unwanted allies, the Company returns to Malinbois to consider their next move.

Losses & Loot
The party defeated no creatures and acquired no treasure. The knowledge gained about the castle and its denizens? Priceless.

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