G25: Underneath The Watchtower

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This session was played on February 19, 2010, featuring Gaël, Karvenn, Martin and Plir Va Tho.


I: A Feast of Ghouls
After procuring supplies in Malinbois, including herbal poultices from the seeress Jaina and some digging tools, the party traveled through the day to the ruined watchtower outside the walls of Castle Amber. There they found that the poison Martin had dosed the gnolls' food with had done its work, for two of the dog-men lay bloated and dead in the watchtower's cellars. But they were not the first to find the creatures! Three hideous ghouls were feasting on the flesh and entrails of the dead gnolls, and the creatures were only too happy to discard their dead meals to taste living flesh.

Gaël immediately invoked the power of The Boss; this proved most effective in repelling the foul undead. The party proceeded to pursue the ghouls around the ring of rooms beneath the tower until the creatures fled up the steps into the last watery light of sunset. Smashing the last untried door open, the party followed a passage northeast and explored several storage rooms. A battle with a venomous spider and a fight with three zombies in d'Ambreville surcoats left our heroes in dire straits, inducing them to travel back to Malinbois.

II: White-Eye
As the party traveled through the night, they were fortunate enough to spot a dozen pairs of gleaming red eyes in the darkness: a goblin ambush! Plir Va Tho's sleep spell downed almost all of the ambushers, saving the Company from being immediately pincushioned by arrows. However, as the party advanced on their downed foes through the moonless night, they chose not to ignite any light sources; as a result, the time they lost stumbling over tree roots and debris gave the goblin leader time to wake his comrades.

Karvenn outpaced his fellows, tying up many of the goblins in hand-to-hand combat, and Gaël distracted others with burning oil. Martin finally lit his magic sword Bazilien and engaged the goblin leader, a bounty-hunter of his acquaintance named White-Eye. The battle between the two was fierce but quick, and when Martin ended White-Eye's life, the other goblins scattered. Sorely wounded, the party returned to Malinbois for a few days' rest.

III: The Drowned
Upon their return to the tower, the Company delved beneath the watchtower again. This time they tried the rusted ladder that led into the well in the center of the main room under the tower. Plir Va Tho hammered spikes into the wall to allow easier access to the ledge that led around the edge of the water, and as she and Gaël crossed over to the ledge, bloated corpses rose from the water to attack! Gaël held some back, but the others lurched ever closer. Karvenn descended the ladder to fight them but was soon sorely wounded.

Consuming a potion of flying taken from White-Eye, Martin lifted Karvenn above the clutching hands of the drowned zombies and joined the others on the far side of the cavern. There they used the opening to another cavern as a choke-point to tackle the zombies one by one, and with blades and flaming oil they prevailed! Looting a rotten chest in that cavern of its cache of silver, the wounded Company called it a day and headed back to Malinbois once more.

IV: Losses & Loot
The party drove off three ghouls and six goblins, and slew a huge spider, four goblins, the goblin warrior White-Eye and nine zombies. They acquired 88 gold pieces and a chest of silver, with a total value of 488gp. They also obtained several vials from White-Eye's pouches, including a potion of flying (consumed while escaping the watery cavern) and a potion of invisibility.

For creatures defeated and treasures acquired over the course of the session, the party members each received 212xp.

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