G24: The Charge Of The Gnoll Brigade

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This session was played on February 11, 2010, featuring Karvenn, Martin, Reginald des Pessimaux and Robert Hazart.


I: Preparations for Departure
As various parties interested in acquiring the Cube of Power gathered around Chateau Hazart, the Company of Crossed Swords decided it was time to get out of Glantri City for a while. Their target? The dreaded Chateau d'Ambreville.

After turning down an expensive offer of information about the castle from Clarence, a goblin in service to a mysterious 'consortium,' the impoverished party left town in the night and headed north to Malinbois. There they made the acquaintance of a local guide, an elven-blooded fellow named Gildor, but they could not afford even his small fee. With little preparation, the motley group — three mounted, one on a cart and Martin's goblin valet, Theodore, astride a goat — headed north in the small hours of the night.

II: Charge of the Gnoll Brigade
Arriving at the ruined town of Ambreville, the party chose to skirt the town and head directly to the castle. As they paused to investigate a nearby watchtower, a dozen armed gnolls emerged! A quick negotiation found the party agreeing to march in the forefront of an assault on the castle; indeed, the gnolls drooled at the prospect of eating the castle's orcish denizens.

As the party climbed the castle hill and approached a breach in its outer wall, they heard a bell ring from the nearest tower. Orcish archers, responding to the alarm, gathered in increasing numbers on the castle's inner walls and towers and began to exchange fire with the gnolls. The Company of Crossed Swords, not caring for the odds, pulled back to batter down a door and enter a nearby outer tower while Robert Hazart befuddled the enemy archers with illusions of trees and serpents.

The gnolls attempted to continue their attack by rushing along the battlements toward the orc-controlled towers, only to be pincushioned by arrow fire. The survivors turned and fled, leaving the Company pinned down in the tower.. The orcish leader, an enormous specimen bearing a flaming sword, offered the party safe passage to flee the battle, an offer the party gratefully accepted. The Company saluted their foe, Tal ur-Ignis of the Burning Brand, and headed back down the slope.

III: Gnollish Aftermath
An agonized whinny drew their attention: two of the party's horses were down as the gnolls were eating them alive, while the third was dragging Theodore off into the distance. Robert Hazart downed all the gnolls with a sleep spell, and Karvenn and Reginald were hard-put to prevent Martin from slaughtering the creatures as they slept. They compromised by stripping the gnolls of weapons and leaving Theodore to watch them as the party explored the now seemingly undefended watchtower.

Exploring the rooms under the tower, the Company acquired close to a thousand gold pieces, enough to make the venture worthwhile. As they left to make their way home, Martin took a moment to poison a half-eaten sheep in the gnoll lair. The thought of it kept him good-humored all the way back to Malinbois

IV: Losses & Loot
The party supported the gnolls in an attack that killed two orcs, then turned on the gnolls and subdued seven. They acquired five necklaces of pierced gold coins and a chest of gold, with a total value of 973gp.

For creatures defeated and treasures acquired over the course of the session, the party members each received 216xp.

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