G23: The Burst Eyeball Tribe

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This session was played on January 28, 2010, featuring Gaël, Karvenn, Martin and Robert Hazart.


I: Preparations
After a week of carousing in Glantri City, the Company of Crossed Swords gathered to return to Mienville. Visiting the temple of Trianoma to lift the scroll-borne curse that had struck Gaël on their last adventure, they reported on the statue of the goddess they'd see in the tower in hopes of garnering aid on the cheap, claiming that a priestess was needed to cleanse the statue's defilement. The priestess Clarissa delegated an acolyte, the sarcastic Mircea, to accompany them.

The party then headed back into Trintan. They encountered some difficulty in Fortune's Hole; in addition to news of a supernatural fog in which local cattle were brutally dismembered amid a supernatural fog, there was the matter of Albrecht. The party had ditched the militaman in the night without paying him his promised fee, and many of the locals blamed the party for his disappearance. Karvenn, as a native, was able to diffuse some of the hostility, while the rest of the party deflected blame onto the absent Plir Va Tho. Albrecht's wife remained stubbornly hysterical until Martin drugged her beer. When the party suggested that Albrecht might have returned to Mienville, his brother Julian volunteered to join the party on their adventure.

II: The Hound and the Orcs
Heading into the wilds, the party returned to Mienville. There they finally encountered Erwan's demon, Ravaroth the Devourer, an infernal hound as large as a grizzly bear. Robert Hazart and Gaël held the beast at bay with spells of protection from evil while the others spoke with it. Alas, they established no common ground for negotiation. Eventually the bored demon-beast let them pass.

Meeting no resistance on the next floor up, the party continued their ascent, only to encounter resistance in the stairwell from the remainder of the Burst Eyeball tribe of orcs. After attempts to cow the orcs failed, Robert Hazart unleashed the lightning-facet of Hilduin's Cube of Power, only to have the bolt bounce back at the party! Karvenn, Robert, Julian and Mircea were all rendered unconscious by the illusionary bolt, leaving only Gaël, Martin and Theodore to repel the orcs. Dragging their companions out into the hall before the orcs gathered their courage to investigate, the adventurers were sorely wounded holding the doorway, but they felled enough of the orcs — including the tribe's chief — with swords and flaming oil to drive the rest into retreat.

Holing up in a ruined dining hall while they waited for their fallen comrades to awaken, the party were accosted by a grossly fat, mentally deficient kitchen orc, who they just barely defeated. Then the noise from these encounters drew Ravaroth's attention, and the burning hound greeted them at their door! Luckily, the offer of oil-seared orcs tempted the beast to head into the stairwell to feed on the slain. With the rest of the party revived, the Company beat feet out of Mienville, dropping Julian off at Fortune's Hole and returning to Glantri City.

III: Losses & Loot
The party killed eight orcs and one orcish chieftain. They acquired a jeweled chain worth 1200gp and three keys of unknown provenance.

For creatures defeated and treasures acquired over the course of the session, the party members each received 200xp.

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