G22: Mienville Is Burning

Real World Info

This session was played on January 21, 2010, featuring Boarface Bristlebrush, Gaël, Karvenn, Martin and Plir Va Tho.


After their first visit to Mienville tower, the Company of Crossed Swords fell back to lick their wounds in the village of Fortune's Hole. With many of their members out of action, they took on three new members: the Boss-acolyte Gaël, local boy Karvenn and the exotically beautiful medium Plir Va Tho. The group determined to have another go at the Hazart treasures of Mienville. Sosexia persuaded some village militia to escort the party to their destination. Most turned back halfway, but one, Albrecht, was sufficiently bewitched by her beauty (and an offer of a share of the treasure) to remain with the group.

When they reached the ruined town, they found it even more thoroughly burned than before, with smoke rising from the young trees that had grown up around the tower. Boarface Bristlebrush spotted numerous charred orc corpses and huge scorched animal tracks, presumably left by the demon that Erwan Roparzh had pacted with. Moving carefully, the party reached the tower without incident. They found the tower's gates sealed and its drawbridge wrecked, but were able to enter one of the towers through a hole that had been melted into the stone by old sorcery.

Inside, the party found an orcish child that Gaël took under his wing and named Gaël Jr. They proceeded into the tower's misty cellars, where they fought a strange headless beast with a lamprey's mouth where its neck should be. They also discovered two glowing magic diagrams full of precipitation of a supernatural character, and a misty spirit that spoke of 'Hazart' in an archaic Glantrian dialect. Communication with the spirit proved difficult, but they persuaded it to leave, taking with it the mist that filled the cellars.

After finding a room full of mushrooms and a badly charred troll (the orcs' "Big Helper", according to Gaël Jr.) that refrained from combat, the party finally found the intact laboratory that Alzenia Hazart had spoken of. Martin opened the door's puzzle lock and the party looted the laboratory of everything they could carry, including a cursed scroll that Gaël read and a tarry-skinned homunculus that Sosexia named Anais. The party sealed the door behind them to protect the remaining loot and left Mienville behind. After stopping at Fortune's Hole long enough to ditch Albrecht (so as not to pay him his share), our heroes returned to Glantri City to sell their loot and carouse.

Losses & Loot
The party killed a headless lamprey-wolf-thing. They acquired weird occult jewelry worth 5,800gp, a pouch containing 35gp, an unfinished magical sword named 'Trollbane', a suit of silvery enchanted chain mail, four magical scrolls containing the spells hold portal, dispel magic, cloudkill and passwall, two dozen non-magical scrolls, and a variety of miscellaneous reagents and spell components, some of which may themselves have magical properties.

For creatures defeated and treasures acquired over the course of the session, the party members each received 1005xp.

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