G224: Trolls 1, Arielle 0

Date: May 13, 2014
PCs - Martin Le Black, Cut Coutelain, Bouvier des Flanders, Pigshit Pat
NPCs - Ariel, Zenobia, Munda, Thymli, Bozomus, Filgo of Pluton
DM: Quendalon


The party returned to the Chateau. After some exploring, they came across a small door with a star on it. Assuming it to be connected to the previously found theater, Bozomus’ skills are called upon to unlock it. Before he can do so, the party is beset from behind by several undead creatures.

After the creatures were dispatched, Bozomus unlocks the door, and a mime is found inside. He quickly surrounded himself by an invisible box, and Martin’s blows were unable to crack it. After various methods of communication failed to have any meaningful results, and after various attempts at breaking the box failed (including Pigshit Pat's attempt from above), the party decided to leave the mime to his own devices.

The party then proceeded to the 6th level where they encountered a room with a shaft in the middle. The shaft had various cables running the length of it, and after peering down the shaft, various gears were visible. Various levers were found in the room and it was deduced that they were controls for a lift. Martin tried his luck to get it to work, but only managed to mangle it further. Bouvier attempted to unmangle the controls, but it wasn’t until Munda set to work on it, that the controls were fixed. Activating them brought the lift to this floor.

The party then returned to the rooms which contained the magic circles found previously. Upon proceeding to the 3rd room, the party briefly conversed with Ahsha, before Martin pried up some of the metal making the circle, and set Ahsha free. Ahsha stood, almost 9’ tall, was bathed in a glowing white light, and drifted upwards and through the ceiling. Martin pried up the rest of the metal as evidence of the party's deed.

Upon exiting these rooms, the party encountered a group of several large beetles, which were defeated before too long. After further exploring, the party encountered three displacer beasts. Pigshit Pat’s mighty web helped hold one completely, and another one partially, and the party soon defeated them. Their treasure was discovered (an amulet, a goblet, a crown, and a handful of night goblin jewelry) and taken by the party. Two of the displacer beasts were skinned to be taken back as treasure (the third was still caught in the web).

Before too long, the party was beset upon by a group of nine trolls. It was a long and difficult battle. Cut fought valiantly and was grabbed up by a troll. Martin also fought valiantly and was knocked down. Bouvier summoned her mighty fireball, unfortunately partially catching Cut and Martin due the close quarters of the fighting, and the small area they were fighting in, but managing to do great damage to the trolls as well. Pigshit Pat used his Potato Shield for great defense. Bouvier hasted the party to aid in their attacks.

Ariel, Zenobia, Munda, and Thymli all fought valiantly by their patron’s sides. Towards the end of the battle, Thymli(?) was knocked down and Ariel was killed, with fleeing trolls taking their bodies as they left. Martin and Cut raced after them slaying one of the trolls, but the one with Ariel’s body fled into the darkness. They pursued. Pigshat Pat, in a desperate attempt to stop the troll, cast his wild magic without knowing what the effect would be. It turned out to be a web, which caught the troll, but also caught party members chasing it.

Seeing that the troll was freeing himself more quickly than the party, Martin called out to Khaliq, the djinn who was still accompanying the party. He asked Khaliq to perform one of the two remaining services he had pledged to the party and rescue the body of Ariel. Using his great powers, Khaliq rushed to where the troll was, brought out a flaming sword, and made short work of the troll.

The party then quickly exited the dungeon, and returned home. Martin brought Ariel’s body to Audrey to ask that she return her to life. He brought the remains of the magic circle to the Temple of Trianoma, and told them of freeing Ahsha. Bouvier attempted to sell the displacer beast hides to Panthelion, but they were in such bad shape from the battle, that he did not think them worth his time. He asked that they be left with him anyway as recompense for wasting his time with such matters, and Bouvier agreed.

Losses and Loot

Ariel, faithful retainer of Martin Le Black, was slain in battle with the trolls.

The party defeated three undead creatures (wights?), six beetles, three displacer beasts, and nine trolls.

Treasures acquired included an amulet, a goblet, a crown, a handful of night goblin jewelry, and the hides of three displacer beasts.

Each PC received 1,312 GP and 2,787 XP.

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