G223: Khaliq, Smokehiss, Ahsha

Date: May 8, 2014
PCs: Bouvier de Flanders, Charon, Martin le Black, Pritchard de Marais
Retainers: Bozomus, Surfal, Nupo, Arielle, Zenobia
DM: Quendalon


A small party including some of the Company's heavy hitters ventured once more into the Chateau, with the gloomy Charon in charge of the map. He charted a meandering route to the Grand Stair across the first dungeon level. This led through a smoky room full of the still-smoldering chunks of night goblins once slaughtered by the Company. Suddenly, charred and smoking arms and legs started to move, fumbling together into a dreadful mass! The animate heap of body parts swallowed up Martin, and only with a great deal of hacking and a few well-aimed spells was he freed and the conglomerate creature destroyed.

A cursory examination of the room turned up a jammed secret door. Beyond was a burned library or study, inhabited by the weird wight of Thomas d'Ambreville, his blackened body covered with fiery runes. With a word, Pritchard suborned the creature to his will! Thomas claimed to have been trapped in the room since the civil war, and begged for the food and drink that had been denied him as he starved in that sealed room.

Pritchard instead set the creature to search for treasure. Thomas led them down to his quarters on the fifth level, only to discover that the place had already been looted long before. Pritchard then directed the creature to the lower baths, with the intent of destroying him by some cruel means — perhaps with the green slime that infested the place! But when Thomas knelt to drink, he slipped into the water and crumbled away. So sad.

Descending to the sixth level, the party revisited the feast-hall where greenish phantoms endlessly fed on phantasmal viands, but found themselves unable to dispel whatever magics darkened the place. They moved on to another room where a magic circle of brass kept the djinn Khaliq pent. After some bargaining, they released the djinn in exchange for three services and a promise not to harm the party without cause. They then sent Khaliq to extinguish the green candles in the feast-hall with his whirlwind form, but to no effect.

Further exploration led to a barricaded chamber packed with night goblins and their hobgoblin brethren. A fireball made short work of the bulk of the foe, sending the rest fleeing through a far door. Martin pursued, only to find the corridor packed with hobgoblins protecting a mirror imaged bugbear spellcaster! Her magics proved no match for the party's raw power, however. She surrendered with bitter recriminations, for a prior Company expedition had treated peacefully with her. Pritchard was moved to spare her life, but would not set her free lest she seek revenge, and so had her brought along as a prisoner.

The party returned to Khaliq's chamber and chopped down a previously unopened door. The room beyond held a magic circle of lead and gold, which imprisoned a hermaphroditic creature named Ahsha. This being claimed to be an Inevitable in service to Law, whose mission was to destroy Chaos. While his companions were inclined to free the being, Pritchard demurred lest it strike him down. The party left Asha bound in its circle and returned to the surface with their wealth — most of it in a jingling sack proffered by Bouvier's hireling Bozomus, who had spent the adventure gathering treasure while the Company was occupied with loftier matters.

On the trip home, the party heard the howl of wolves! Exhausted and spent, they prepared for the worst — until Bouvier cast her new spell, massmorph, veiling them in an illusion that made them appear to be trees. The eight huge wolves sniffed around the "grove" suspiciously; one even sank its teeth into Nupo's "trunk," but the hireling priest clenched his teeth so as not to cry out in pain. Puzzled, the wolves departed. After an agonizing wait, the party determined that the beasts would not return, and continued back to Malinbois.

Losses and Loot

The party defeated a smoldering heap of goblin parts, eight zombies, six ghouls, one toad demon, thirty-one night goblins, twenty-two night hobgoblins, the night bugbear witch Smokehiss, two elemental sprites, and twelve shadows.

Treasures acquired included a few dribbles of melted gold, a screaming demon heart, a sack full of crude night goblin jewelry, half a dozen books of magic, and Smokehiss's spellbook.

For treasure accumulated, monsters defeated, and taxes paid, each PC received 1,645xp and 825gp.

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