A Wedding and Shy Spectres

Session 222

Roland, Lord Zanzibar, &tc.
Glacier the Elf
Charon the Cleric
Cut Coutelain
Audrey Carcassonne
Pritchard Hood
(Hirelings included Arielle and Zenobia, and Nupo the Cleric)

An Account of Occurrences

Enemies Slain
Cora the Knife
6 Giant Bees
Many Night goblins
6 or so hobgoblins
4 ghouls
At least 6 skeletons
1 spectre, turned

Significant NPCs Encountered
Boreal Quinquix-Paix, a wizard and hybridist
Torchbearers: Fowler (thier leader), Big Finn, Sesca (a sorceror), Vivienee (Preistess of the Builder)
Cora the Knife (an assassin, now deceased)
Mirelle, the elemental keeper of the Chateau's Wine Cellar

Treasures Retrieved

302xp and 112gp per PC

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