Restoring Trianoma's Temple

Session 221

Roland, Lord Zanzibar, &tc.
Charon the Cleric
Eire the Elf
Martin Le Black
Pritchard Hood
(Hirelings included Bourifant Trimigestous, The Unnamed Cleric, Arielle and Zenobia)

An Account of Occurrences


Enemies Slain
1 Armored skeleton with Big Sword
23 (or more) skeletons
7 shadows
5 ghouls

Treasures Retrieved
Several thousand coins, various metals
Cloak of Protection +1 (given to Roland)
Shield +1 (given to Charon)
Several fine furs
Turquoise and lapis stones pried from four sarcophagi

141 GP & 1283 XP for each PC

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