Quest for the Wine Cellar, Part III

Session 219

Bouvier des Flanders
Roland, Lord Zanzibar, &tc.
Cut Coutelain
Audrey Carcassonne

An Account of Occurrences
by Glacier's player, Oban

The members of the company again descended into the depths of the Chateau, quickly descending to the location of the wizard goblins and engaging them with reminder that they would direct us to the wine cellar if we could prove we had the permission of Etienne d'Amberville. With proof in hand, and grateful for the supplies we gave them, they gave us directions through the main kitchens on the second floor.

After some mapping exercises we descended through new territory and found ourselves at the clearly labeled wine cellar on the fourth level.

Within was a huge vault guarded by what appeared to be a wine-elemental. The room featured vast shelves holding uncounted bottles past our ability to see. The ceiling was covered with copper vines that moved under the command of the elemental to either restrain intruders or fetch bottles of wine on command. After a brief scuffle we established the legitimacy of our errand and were given a large quantity of bottles and two barrels of wine.

The party ascended to the Cinder tower, fighting through a troop of zombies. Half the party remained with the casks of wine while the other half journeyed home to return with a cart and horses. Half-asleep on the return journey they were way-laid by pixies who forced Cut to dance a jig befre letting them on their way.

The reunited party returned to the city, gave Etienne his wine, and returned to the Chateau for a second delve.

This was at first uneventful. We visited the room of Ogney, the last Burning Brand orc. He was absent but we left him supplies. Next the group paid a visit to the "Nurses," leaving them with the tea and liquor they had asked us to procure.

We discovered several rooms - unlooted and still occupied by the retainers of Lady Geraldine (6 bronze golems) and Mistress Marlene (devil butler).

Further exploration led the party to a room containing torture implements and three stone slabs, one with a body coated in glyphs and stuck with a series of jeweled pins.

Roland removed one of the pins and the body awoke. Shortly thereafter Roland lay paralyzed on the ground and the party was under attack by the tools in the room…

[And I left for the train…]

Further account from naked samurai, player of Audrey:

The Prince of Pain was pretty nasty. His blows caused a Save vs. Spells or the victim's body started going wonky, losing bone matter and morphing. The other torture beds started wrapping chains around people and torture implements spread into the sky for divebombing. Everything was really hard to hit.

Audrey was able to chase the guy off with a Dispel Evil (he saved, but had to flee its effects), giving enough time to fend off some of the animated matter. She got clipped with a tenderizing hammer, letting him come back in, but then got off a Dispel Magic that fortunately ended the threat from the attacking objects. We then got him to go down in the "Single Foes Don't Last Long When Everyone Whales On Them At Once" principle.

The pins in his body were destroyed by the Temple and this contributed to the xp reward.

We ran into some Night Goblins and Hobgoblins getting out. Cut was knocked unconscious, but we ran them off.

Enemies Slain
9 zombies, blasted to dust
Two wights, and a third sent fleeing
1 undead Prince of Pain

Treasures Retrieved
The wines requested by Etienne d'Amberville for his niece's wedding
Victor, the tutorial golem (one year's service)
Jeweled pins from the Prince of Pain

Each member of the party accrues 2,002 GP and 2,704 XP.

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