G217: Quest for the Wine Cellar, Part I

Date: March 27, 2013
PCs: Bouvier de Flanders, Charon, Pritchard de Marais
Retainers: Bozomus, Sporragha, Surfal
DM: foner


Losses and Loot

The party defeated one caterwaul, two trolls, fifteen night goblins, seven night hobgoblins, two Ssu, one lesser Ssu mage, one dwarf thrall, and one goblin thrall.

Treasures acquired included a caterwaul pelt, nine pieces of jewelry, thirteen gems, a gold-chased steel potion case containing potions of diminution, growth, protection from evil and water breathing, a rhinestone-encrusted scroll tube, a scroll of protection from undead, a handful of coins, a few pieces of crude goblin jewelry, and a charred Ssu corpse.

For treasure accumulated, monsters defeated, and taxes paid, each PC received 6,154gp and 3,237xp.

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