G214: Grimmnar's Magnum Opus

G214: Grimmnar's Magnum Opus


Pritchard Hood
Lord Zee

Borifant Trismegistus


The Company of Crossed Swords heard word of the mighty wizard Grimmnar who had disappeared a time long ago. It was rumored that he had left behind a great work, his Magnum Opus. Seeking adventure, they followed a map which led them northwest, and into the mountains.

After some searching, Eire's keen elvish eyes noticed an entrance of some sort buried beneath the rubble at the side of a mountain. The fearless adventures cleared the rubble and entered a set of double doors into a clearly man-made lair inside of the mountain. (Klang observed the fine construction.)

The party followed a large hallway to a room with a couple overturned tables and chairs. Close examination found a set of bracelets in drawers attached to each table, each set adorned with a symbol. The party was then set upon by a group of ghouls. While some ghouls were defeated, Pritchard compelled two of them who brought them to their "lair", a mere intersection.

After some trial and error, and realizing they needed the bracelets they had just found, the party had luck opening some doors (each with an unrecognizable symbol) that they had passed on the way to the ghoul lair. Several rooms contained the remains of various creatures. One room contained a group of giant bats, who were quickly dispatched with a sleep spell. (Pritchard "rescued" one for his own purposes.) In one room they encountered and defeated a pair of giant ants.

Exploring further, in another room, they found a log enclosed in a glass case. Klang disturbed the glass case and the log rolled free. Pritchard sent forth a compelled ghoul to investigate, which was attacked by small parasitic insects. Pritchard sent forth his other ghoul to try to resolve the situation. It was resolved by the one ghoul tearing the other ghoul's guts out to get at and destroy the insects.

Tiring of these rooms, the party turned and went back towards the entrance to follow a different path in their investigation. They found what appeared to be sleeping quarters inhabited by another group of ghouls. Borifant Trismegistus used his divine power to turn back the foul creatures, Donovan used the power of his fire lance, and the party as a whole quickly destroyed them. Tearing the room apart (literally), they found some gold, gems, and jewelry.

Nearby the sleeping quarters they found a kitchen. A preliminary search turned up some rotten food, and some cookware in decent shape. There was also a stove, still hot. And a large metal box, still cold, filled with all sorts of frozen meats. Before the party could explore much further, they were set upon by two more giant ants. One was defeated in fairly short order. Klang took it upon himself to try to ride the other one.

He managed to lasso the ant, and then he climbed on it. He attempted to control it, but it took off down the corridor. He was soon thrown from its back. Neither shaken nor stirred, he was however surprised by a group of hobgoblins who happened to reside where the ant had thrown him. While the ant ran off, the rest of the party caught up with Klang. Eire briefly considered parlaying with the hobgoblins, but decided not to, and the party defeated them.

On the wall of the hobgoblin lair was a small metal plate with a lever next to it. Pulling the lever revealed a chute, which Klang decided to climb down. As he climbed down, he started to smell a horrible stench. Reaching the other end, he saw that the stench was caused by a pile of decaying animal matter in the room he ended up in. Next to this was a large mushroom.

Klang started to rifle through the pile, but the mushroom had other ideas. A fierce battle ensued. Klang was struck twice by the mushroom, and even his fabled dwarven resistance was unable to resist the creature's powers. Both of Klang's arms started to rot, and in a few moments they had both rotted from the elbows down. Hearing Klang's cries, the party pulled Klang back to safety. Peering down the chute, Pritchard fired a well-aimed lightning bolt which sizzled the mushroom.

Eire climbed down the chute to finish the investigations, but soon heard voices on the other side of the door in the room. The voices quickly moved away, but moved towards the party. The voices belonged to a band of kobolds who threw javelins in the party's direction. Even in his weakened state, Klang understood their cries and realized these creatures were worshippers of the mushroom they had just destroyed. While the party quickly defeated the kobolds, Eire's searching of the room found a gem and some coins to add to the party's haul.

Klang's dessicated arms were removed, his wounds were cauterized, and he was made as comfortable as possible. The party then gathered themselves and their treasure and made their way safely back to town.

Enemies Defeated

10 ghouls
4 giant bats
3 giant ants
2 parasitic insects
4 hobgoblins
1 large purple mushroom
8 kobolds

Treasures Retrieved

Several gems, a gold ring, a gold necklace, various piles of gold, and a pile of copper
2 sets of bracelets (These were confirmed to be magical.)

For enemies defeated and treasure retrieved, each party member received 218 XP and 210 GP.

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