G213: The Black Portrait

Session 213

Pritchard Hood
Bouvier des Flanders
Roland, Lord Zanzibar, &tc.
Martin Le Black
Cut Coutelain

An Account of Occurrences
by Glacier's player, Oban

The members of the company again descended into the depths of the Chateau, quickly descending to the sixth level beneath ground and exploring the area known as the menagerie. The lock on the door to the area had been repaired. The bottom level of the menagerie was toured and further unusual and rare beasts were found. These included a metallic blue spider, a minotaur, a hieracosphinx, and a seemingly empty room depicting a dark underground city.

Pritchard tried to free the hieracosphinx, but his magic could not dispell the force wall imprisoning the beast.

The party continued to explore level six and came to several balconies overlooking deeper corridors, seemingly overlooking parts of level seven. A swarm of shadows briefly battled the group, injuring several of the party and robbing Martin of most of his strength. We entered a nearby room and investigation of a large painting revealed that it was not in fact a canvas, but a black pudding lying in wait.

Somewhat confused battle emerged in which the pudding was fractured into several smaller pieces, Prichard was drenched in flammable oil, and several party members were burned by the creature's fearsome acid.

The party prevailed and continued wandering the dungeon. An initial attempt to descend to the seventh level was foiled by encounter with a giant demon-frog. The party descended some stairs and there it was. It turned one baleful eye to the party and said, "Occupado."

We excused ourselves and returned upwards.

Next in our wanderings we encountered Hadogenes, a half-man, half-scorpion who was barricaded in a room and serving as doorman and guard for a troop of insect-men serving someone called Magloron the Magnificent. After some conversation the party was denied an audience with Magloron. We let Hodogenes know we would return and continued on.

A second descent to the seventh level ended when we were attacked by unknown archers shooting from the darkness, outside our torchlight. The party retreated up the stairs again, letting discretion be the better of valor.

We re-found the Family Feast Room, and again decided to bypass interaction with its ghostly inhabitants, instead choosing to pursue adventure further down the hallway in a goblin den.

A troop of trolls came out of the darkness but was repulsed by Pritchard's fiery magic.

[And I left for the train…]

continued by the DM

Further exploration in the vicinity of the previous week's troll encounters revealed an abandoned kitchen full of webs. Opening the door triggered a crossbow trap, followed by a hissed injunction from within to "go away!" Refusing to take the hint, Cut charged into the room, his ring of free action allowing him to ignore the webs. While other party members slowly hacked their way past the webs, Cut moved on through another door to a pantry occupied by a grotesque humanoid with a pair of crossbows.

As the halfling engaged his opponent, a trio of giant spiders dropped on his head from the ceiling! Cut slew his opponent in seconds, only to succumb thereafter to a spider's bite. His companions finished off the arachnids and saved his life with a potion of neutralize poison. After looting the pantry, the Company disengaged from the dungeon, easily dispatching a pair of wights that sought to impede their passage.

The party brought a pair of odd magical items to Tertullian the sage. One was a set of horseshoes of the zephyr, claimed by Martin le Black for his horse. The other was a strange magical glove; when Bouvier donned it she saw the image of a cask in the glove's palm, which looked strangely distant, as though viewed through a window from afar. A magic word sewn into the cuff did not produce any results when spoken, however, nor did any number of hand gestures she attempted. Its functions remained a mystery.

Enemies Slain
A dozen shadows
Black pudding
Troop of Trolls, discouraged with a fireball
Three crab spiders
Two wights

Treasures Retrieved
… and some casks of wine, a set of magic horseshoes, and a single magic glove.

Each member of the party accrues 75 GP and 1635 XP.

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