G212: Making Sport of Trolls


Klang, Troll-Climber
Pritchard Hood
Bouvier des Flanders
Glacier the Elf
Roland Wolfric, Lord Zanzibar, &tc.
Martin Le Black
Cut Coutelain

An Account of Occurrences
by Glacier's player, Oban

The company approached the lands about the Chateau cautiously, wary of a trio of manticores seen flying overhead. Previous experience with orc ambushes made the party scout ahead only to find the only orcs in the area were being eaten by the manticores. We heroically waited until the manticores were full and had departed, then descended into the dungeon.

Cut let the group deep into the dungeon, arriving at unmapped territory. A trio of trolls was handily defeated, then a small force of night goblins.

Descending another level, the party quite suddenly was among a larger force of eight trolls and their leader, Nock/Rock, a two-headed giant troll. Half-hearted negotiations started but very quickly devolved into an intense melee before any real dialogue began. The sudden close fight made retreat unattractive. Two fireballs, a flamebolt, and a magic-missile spell were used. Roland single-handedly held off five trolls for two rounds. Cut and Martin dove into battle and inflicted many wounds. Glacier provided an amusing distraction by falling down the stairs. Klang - in a berserk frenzy - jumped from the stairwell onto one of the two heads of the giant troll and began to drive pitons into its head. Finding this made him too ready a target for the troll, he looped rope around the heads and choked the troll while descending the rope down the troll's back. By the end of the battle the dwarf lay unconscious and had to be revived by Trimegestious [cleric hireling of Roland's].

When the battle was over the party bandaged, explored, and looted by the flickering light of oil-drenched troll corpses. We discovered piles of gold and silver, jewels and jewelry, and a fine large ceramic urn.

We rested overnight in a nearby room, then explored several more rooms, thereby discovering an indoor gaming complex, featuring a javelin-throwing range and a grass-carpeted petanque boulodrome. The party played several games, but was prevented from walking off with the silver playing balls by four wooden statues that threatened to fight us if we removed the playing pieces.

Choosing to leave the silver balls and wooden statues behind, the party went exploring down a new passage, trying to link it to an already know stairway to the surface…

[And I left for the train…]

Enemies Slain
11 trolls
5 night goblins
1 giant, two-headed troll

Treasures Retrieved
1 fine ceramic urn, to large to fit into the bag of holding
assorted cheap jewelry (14 silver bracelets, 4 silver torcs, 4 gold bracelets)
3 troll hearts, preserved in water
"piles" of gold and silver, jewels and jewelry from troll lair (estimate at 3,000+ coins)

Each of seven players gets 2027 exp and 2115 gp.
Further, the party traded additional gold and monster parts to Zenoiste in exchange for delivery of 6 potions of healing in four weeks time.

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