G211: The Hall of Horns

PCs: Bouvier de Flanders, "Cut" Coutelain, Donovan, Pritchard de Marais, Roland de Marais
NPCs: Munda, Thymli


Another visit to the Chateau turns into an ambush! A tribe of orcs has taken up residence in the Chateau's southern outbuildings, and they pepper the Company with spears and arrows. But the party's magic-users quickly turn the tide with their magic, putting many orcs to sleep and blasting others off the battlements. When Roland encounters stiff resistance from the remaining orcs and their ogre ally inside the Wyvern's Tower, Pritchard tosses a fireball inside, roasting the remaining enemies.

The party descends to the lower levels via the lift. There they are attacked partway down by a pair of phase spiders that strike at them from out of the lift shaft's walls! But the Company's blades slaughter the arachnids with little effort.

[to be added]

Losses and Loot

The PCs defeated 30 orcs of the Ratstab clan, one ogre, two phase spiders, one wight, eight zombies, twelve phantom huntsmen, twelve phantom steeds, twenty phantom hounds,

Treasures acquired included 4000gp, two unidentified potions, a sword +1 (+2 vs. magic-users), four gems, a silver-chased hunting horn, three bottles of cognac, several decanters, some fine glassware, and two chairs made of horns and antlers.

For monsters defeated, treasure acquired and taxes paid, each party member received 866gp and 798xp.

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