G20: To Mienville Tower

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This session was played on December 3, 2009, featuring Aehie, Boarface Bristlebrush, Dabnis, Erwan Roparzh, Martin and Pimmel.


I: Crossing the Border
After recuperating from a week of debauchery in Glantri City, several members of the Company of Crossed Swords laid plans for another expedition. This time they would plumb the hidden vaults of Mienville, the lost family seat of House Hazart. They agreed to cede a percentage of their haul to House Hazart in exchange for the place's location and knowledge of its old vaults. The party took on a few additional men (including Martin's goblin manservant, as well as two orphans recruited by Aehie and turned over to the temple of the Builder by Pimmel), then set off.

A few days of travel took the party across the border into the province of Erewan, one of the Occupied Territories, where Erwan Roparzh defanged the border guards by charming the detachment's commander. One of the guard officers, a Sergeant Hammond, escorted the party onward until they turned off onto the old road to Mienville. There, Erwan attempted to charm Hammond as well, only to be foiled by Pimmel's whip. Dabnis and Martin almost killed Pimmel for his attack on the magic-user. Disconcerted, the sergeant left at speed.

As the party climbed the hills above Mienville to get a better look at the town, they were beset by wolves! Pimmel's man, one Arston Krystateon, fell to a stray arrow from Aehie's bow and was torn apart by the beasts, while several others in the party were badly wounded before the tide turned.

II: To Mienville Tower
The party made camp in a spinney atop a nearby hill. In the night, they were approached by Gnormok, a goblin tradesman, who purchased the wolves' pelts from Boarface Bristlebrush and sold some narcotic gritch-weed to Martin. For a small sum, he also shared his limited knowledge of the town and its inhabitants, the Burst Eyeball orc tribe. Erwan Roparzh first attempted to charm the goblin; realizing that he hadn't yet refreshed his magic, tried to lure the goblin off into the woods with ill intent. The goblin would have none of it and left.

Come the morning, the party sent little Aehie ahead to scout a clear path to the keep at the town's center. Leaving the hirelings to watch their camp, they made it close to the center of town before being spotted by orcs. Our heroes made short work of the first wave of orcs, but suffered enough wounds that they felt retreat was wise. Erwan Roparzh, sadly, got turned around in the fracas; having charmed an orc, he followed the orc into a swarm of the creatures, who felt they would be remiss in letting the magic-user go. Erwan's loud remonstrations distracted the orcs sufficiently for the rest of the party to slog their way out of town and back to camp.

III: Losses & Loot
The party killed seven wolves and eleven orcs. Skinning the wolves and selling their pelts to Gnormok netted them 40gp.

For creatures defeated and treasures acquired over the course of the session, the party members each received 36xp.

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