G207: Last Call for Charles le Donne

Date: January 7, 2017
DM: Quendalon
PCs: "Cut" Coutelain, Donovan, Ja'Tubis, Klang, Pritchard de Marais
NPCs: Munda, Thymli


As the passing winter's snow and ice began to clear, word came of orcish attacks on the villages and farmsteads north of Malinbois. The available members of the Company of Crossed Swords mobilized to investigate whether these orcs had their base in the Chateau d'Ambreville.

On their way north to the Chateau, as the party passed through a ruined village, they were ambushed by orcs of the Blowfly Tribe! Spears and arrows flew out at them from the surrounding tumbledown husks of old buildings. As Pritchard and his mirror images drew fire, the rest of the Company rushed the nearest building, only to find the orcs within were reinforced by a troll! Cut made short work of the thing, however, while Klang ran out and knocked down a particularly rickety old house onto its orcish occupants with a single shoulder-bash. The remaining orcs scattered in all directions.

The Company pressed on to the Chateau, where a charmed orc named Gruku informed Pritchard that the Red-Eye Lizard tribe now infested the Chateau's upper levels. Our heroes quickly killed a score of orcs and their ogrish ally. They encountered more difficulty with an old friend — former party member Charles le Donne, now a burning wight escorted by four zombified bird-men. As conversation with the erstwhile ally soured, the Company's priests destroyed the undead, but not before Charles drained Ja'Tubis's life-force with a touch!

Continuing on, the Company routed two dozen more orcs in the Aviary. They they returned to Malinbois, stopping at outlying villages on the way to return the looted goods stolen by the orcs. Such generosity is only to be expected from such noble heroes!

Losses and Loot

The party defeated 84 orcs, one troll, one ogre, the burning wight Charles le Donne, and four dire corby zombies. Treasures retrieved included 3000gp and a variety of household goods.

For monsters defeated and treasures retrieved, each PC gained 450gp and 921xp.

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