G206: Hegrash the Bandit Ogre

Date: January 2, 2014
PCs: Klang, Donovan
Retainers: Sir Argot, Bendor the Brave, Prexalix, Sir Polyglot, Jonathan Wanderlust, David Wanderlust
DM: foner


written by foner

Klang and Donovan ventured to the Broken Lands, with a herd of 30 pigs that Klang had acquired. At a small outpost there, they heard word of a mighty ogre named Hegrash and his band who had been attacking travellers and small settlements throughout the area. They were offered a 500 GP reward, as well as whatever treasure they found, in order to stop this menace. They recruited Sir Argot, Bendor the Brave, and Prexalix, fellow adventurers, to bolster their ranks and set forth to find and defeat Hegrash.

They found Hegrash's lair and proceeded to attack. They found and defeated a small band of orcs, losing Sir Argot in the process. They retreated, licking their wounds, and prepared to fight another day. After resting up, and replacing Sir Argot with their new recruit Sir Polyglot, they returned and ventured deeper into Hegrash's lair, where they encountered a large force of kobolds. The kobolds attacked from the darkness, many throwing javelins, and knocking out Sir Polyglot in the process. The rest of the party managed to escape in the confusion caused by Klang's herd of pigs. In their escape, they were forced to leave behind Sir Polyglot, and all but 2 pigs, who were presumed killed by the kobolds.

The party rested up again, hiring more adventurers to strengthen their ranks. This time, the brothers Jonathan and David Wanderlust heeded the call, and accompanied the party in their third attempt to free this area from the ravagings of the dread ogre. The party returned and defeated the remains of the kobold horde. Further into the lair, they eventually encountered Hegrash himself. After a fierce battle, the party defeated the ogre.

They looted Hegrash and his band of all valuables, including a chest containing Hegrash's treasure. They also received the aforementioned reward, as well as the thanks of the local community.

Losses and Loot

Sir Argot and Sir Polyglot were sadly lost in battle.

The party defeated 2 orcs, 14 kobolds, and 1 ogre.

Treasures acquired included various copper and electrum coins from the kobolds and orcs, a pouch on Hegrash containing gold coins, the contents of Hegrash's chest (lots of copper and some electrum coins, as well as a platinum necklace), and the reward from the local community for defeating Hegrash.

Each PC received 108 xp and 561 gp.

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