G205: Mimes!


Pritchard Hood
Bouvier des Flanders
Glacier the Elf

Hero Lost
Tam Bourine, slain by a mime

Enemies Slain
4 Hypnotically entrancing giant moths, some slain, others driven off
5 giant centipedes, hiding in a mattress
4 zombies, turned
1 wight, slain by Tam Bourine's magic missile
3 ghouls, turned
3 Carrion Crawlers, consumed by a fireball
6 mimes, terrifying to behold

Treasures Retrieved
Dead hypno-moth (remains placed in a sack)
Giant centipede (placed in another sack - perfect specimen since was captured via sleep spell)
12 casks of lantern oil

Each PC received 236 exp

An Account of Occurrences: What moves silently in the Chateau?

Ja'Tubis led an expedition to the Chateau with the initial objective to explore several staircases to the third level.

The first proved to be an artifact of the map, which led to a productive correction and better understanding of the structure of the Chateau.

The second was concealed behind a locked door, which the party battered down with an axe. The noise attracted several giant moths which attacked the party using shimmering, hypnotic patterns displayed on their wings and un-moth-like fangs. Brief melee slew one moth and drove the others away in fluttering flight.

The new stairwell led to a mold-infested corridor. Donovan broke through a second locked door in this corridor that led through a twisty path and a small chamber distinguished by several hot copper pipes ascending through the room in one corner. The party continued through another corridor and came to a recognizable area - a room where Ja'Tubis and others had fought and slain a flame wight. Nearby was a previously unexplored barracks room. While the armoires and beds proved to hold no valuables, Donovan's prodding provoked a nest of giant centipedes to attack.

Another door in the area was smashed down and the resulting noise attracted a wight along with its zombie retinue. The zombies were reduced to dust by the power of Umberly; the wight managed to siphon Donovan's very essence before being slain by a magic missile from Tam's ring.

The room was storage and contained 12 casks of lantern oil, boxes of torches, and a selection of brass lanterns. The party collected the oil in Pritchard's bag of holding and proceeded on. The next door also had to be broken and opened into a room containing cleaning supplies including several pots of soap.

We decided to bring the supply of soap to the washer-women golems, and proceeded to follow Ja'Tubis' direction to where they were. While they were grateful for the soap, they requested more wood to fuel the laundry's fires. Thinking to retrieve the wooden torches we retraced our steps towards the storage area, only to be set upon by ghouls.

Pritchard quickly gained mastery over two of the ghouls; the third was slain. Pritchard compelled the ghouls to guide the party to treasure. After some confusion and discussion over the meaning and availability of treasures (the party was not interested in stashes of carrion) the ghouls led us to the Theater on the fourth level of the Chateau.

Along the way we encountered, and incinerated, a small cluster of carrion crawlers.

At the Theater we examined the Prince's viewing box which showed signs of previous looting and was empty of valuables. The theater proper still functioned: on entering we saw ghostly moving shapes on the stage. The theater lit with a ghostly audience, the chandeliers flickered to life, and the ghostly shapes on the stage manifested as two actresses and one masked actor. They began a performance that unsettled the party so that we got up and left before its ending, which sounded shocking (based on the screams of terror from the ghostly audience).

We began to look for an alternate way to get backstage and noticed that doors within the theater led to a seemingly unknown part of the fourth level. We quickly dashed through the theater (the show began anew) and into a corridor featuring several doors marked with golden stars: the dressing rooms.

The door with the largest star was our first objective. When opened we saw a large room containing tables, large numbers of jars and bottles of ointment and unguents, and six mysterious figures. They wore only black and white and made no sound, yet thier every gesture brought into being invisible magic objects: one drew an invisible sword that served in combat, another climbed an invisible ladder, and a third summoned a magical barrier simply by defining it in the air with hand gestures. They were powerful and frightening.

Combat ensued.

[And I left for the train…]

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