204: Saving Hrothgar's Sword


Cut Coutelaine
Glacier the Elf
Pritchard Hood
Bouvier des Flanders
Tam Bourine
Legomore the Elf

Heroes Lost
Klang the Dwarf, savaged by trolls

Enemies Slain
1 gelatinous cube, carrying our treasure
4 giant wolves
4 harpies, troll-tamers
2 trolls
1 giant black widow
3 giant frogs with hypnotic, luminous eyes
4 giant, 30' gray worms, burrowing through rock
1 giant crab spider

Treasures Retrieved
A scattering of coins from the harpies' lair
Pendant with red jewel
Golden bracelet
Necklace of pearl orbs
a perfect pearl
6 hypnotic frog eyes
Coins (from gelatinous cube)
Ornate scabbard (from gelatinous cube)
broken pieces of a sword (from gelatinous cube)
silver lion statuette (from gelatinous cube)
pair of magical boots (from gelatinous cube)

1103 GP and 702 XP for each of 6 surviving characters

An Account of Occurrences: Saving Hrothgar's Sword (and maybe Hrothgar)

Whilst resting in Glantri, rumors made it to the Company that the adventuring rogues known as the silk men had ventured north and defeated a great white dragon, bringing home much loot. The battle had been horrible however, and one of their member, a great warrior known as Hrothgar had been lost down a chasm. Thier party was wounded and reduced such that they could not go after him (rumor also had it that Hrothgar was prone to violence and may not have been much loved by the other silk men). Hrothgar owned a magical sword, Seeker which was lost with him.

So a number of the company set out to rescue the sword (and Hrothgar too, if that could be done at the same time).

The former lair of the great wurm was a day and a half travel from the capital, and the party climbed past villages to arrive at the final approach to the lair. A quartet of giant wolves attacked the party and was quickly slain.

Exploration of the dragon's lair quickly produced an encounter with two trolls, strangely willing to speak with Bouvier in trollish. The trolls decided to bring us to thier "mistresses" in another chamber within the cave. There we dicsovered four harpies who had charmed the trolls. Thier evil song quickly ensorcelled half the party. While some uncharmed members woke companions from the magical stupor, Klang engaged with a troll and was slain.

A tricky combat ensued resulting in the death of the harpies and trolls, but the party had lost a member and several others were gravely wounded. The trolls were burnt, Legomore climbed up to the harpy nest and retrieved some treasure, and the Company departed to the closest village.

The village was home to the Druidic Priests of Ilanway. They offered the party succor and healing in exchange for generous donations.

The next day a rested, revitalized force returned to the caves. Further exploration led us to the chasm that must have spelled Hrothgar's doom. Guarding the chasm was a man-sized poisonous spider, easily defeated. The descent was almost 100' into another large cavern and an additional set of caves.

After quick battle with some foul giant worms easily 30' in length, the party first fought (and then detected) a gelatinous cube that appeared to be carrying the remains of Hrothgar and his sword.

Further exploration led to quick encounters, first with a crab spider and then with two more of the giant worms.

[then I left for the train.]

From the book of Cut Coutelain

2 magic users and a passel of demihumans chased a rumor of powerful magic into the vacated lair of a dragon. The warren of tunnels was discovered to be re-occupied by a number of great gray worms. By the end of the evening worms had struck dead poor Klang and swallowed whole the indigestible Cut, but not in time to prevent a rain of blows and a maelstrom of mighty magics from proving the worms' demise. The party's explorations yielded some jewelry, a battered statuette, a pair of enchanted boots and an unusual set of scabbard-rings.

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