G203: ... Until Somebody Loses an Eye

Date: 4 December 2013
PCs: Audrey Carcassone, Cut Coutelain, Donovan, Ja'Tubis, Tam Bourine, Pritchard de Marais
Retainers: Munda, Thymli
DM: Quendalon


According to Cut's player, Charlatan:
"Pritchard obliterated 4 hobgoblins with a fireball and 3 troglodytes with blood lightning. Cut Coutelain lost an eye to a classic prank by the wizard goblins, but considers it at opportunity. The party fought 2 golems, Electropunch and Torturebot, allied loosely with a spell-casting bugbear that we killed without identifying. They also discovered some connections between the 5th and 4th levels via the Ambreville Bug-Lord's warren of tunnels."

According to Audrey's player, naked samurai:
"Our two basic 'tanks' were reduced to 7 hit points between them. In what felt more like a computer glitch than anything, we identified the location of a treasure chest just beyond walls we could not get through. —- So, I'd like to explore healing up Cut's eye, using Temple resources. I'm willing to go in with Pritchard to graft the Gem of Seeing into the empty socket, just because that's plain cool."

Losses and Loot

The party defeated twelve killer bees, one living statue, five troglodytes, three gargoyles, one patchwork brass golem, one patchwork silver golem, four night hobgoblins, five night bugbears, and one night bugbear magician.

Treasures acquired included a mass of melted silver jewelry, several pieces of crude night goblin jewelry, a handful of coins, fragments of a silver golem, and a ring of magic missiles.

For treasure accumulated, monsters defeated, and taxes paid, each PC received 244gp and 230xp.

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