G201: Dream of the Red Chamber

Cut Coutelaine
Pritchard Hood
Bouvier des Flanders
Roland, The Lord Zanzibar

Enemies Slain
1 insubstantial shadow monster, floating above a table
5 shadows, summoned by a shadow-machine
4 wights that ambushed the party
1 Yves Czererain d'Amberville, corpulent and blood-covered
6 zombies
12 skeletons

Treasures Retrieved
Multiple bottles of liquor or wine from 2 locations
gear from magical lab (astrolabe, alembics, etc.)
Brass astrolabe with lapis lazuli
Fine brass spyglass
Chest with approx. 2,000 gp
Books from wizard's room
Large spellbook
Writing materials (parchment, ink, sand, quills, etc.)
Valuable furniture

Each member of the party was rewarded for their endeavors by receipt of 718 g.p. and 597 exp.

Under direction of Cut Coutelain the party descended via Alienor's Tower to the 5th level. There we entered a room featuring a set of fine furniture with silversilk upholstery. THere was an eerie shadowy monster floating in the room which was quickly dispatched by the company. The room contained several bottles of fine wine, quickly looted.

A hallway from this room led to two doors. The first contained a strange magical apparatus which seemingly summoned shadows. The company fought 5 shadows without much injury. The door to the chamber closed by itself at the end of combat, leading us to believe that the apparatus had been operated by an invisible foe, who had escaped. The company looted the room while Pritchard sabotaged the magical summoning device.

The next door led to a bed-chamber. Within we found a secret door hiding the study of a magic-user. The desk within had writing materials and a large spell-book.

Our return to the room with the fine set of furniture resulted in ambush by 4 wights. Brief combat was ended by Audry, who called forth the power of her god and reduced the wights to dust.

Further exploration took us to double doors labeled the "Red Chamber." Within was a distubring tableau: the corpulent, blood-covered figure of Yves, the nephew of a prominent d'Amberville. He sat in an overstuffed chair, holding a great sword, and invited the company to partake in the wonders of the room. Dessicated bodies were strewn around the room, across couches and chairs. Brief parley with Yves ended with Audry casting Dispell Evil. All the creatures in the room were destroyed and the party salvaged several bottles of fine wine and the great sword held by Yves.

Further exploration led the party to several rooms that we speculated constituted classrooms for young or inexperienced magic-users. Searching discovered another secret door. The secret room contained trapped chest and cabinet. The cabinet contained several fine instruments (a lapis lazuli encrusted astrolabe and a fine brass spyglass) and the chest contained gold pieces.

[then I left for the train.]

We went to get the silvery satin-upholstered chairs, were waylaid by some ghouls who were destroyed, who destroyed one of the chairs, and played bugaboo with a cluster of enormous flies before reaching the surface.

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