G19: The Temple Of The Frog, Part II

Real World Info

This session was played on November 19, 2009, featuring Aehie, Martin, Pimmel, Robert Hazart and Sniggazguk.


As the rest of the party prepared for a second expedition into the sewers of Glantri City, Martin sought information on the Chaos cult from his friend, the leech Voiron. Voiron agreed to help the party fulfill its contract in exchange for a thousand pieces of gold and a favor to be named later.

The next night, Voiron led the party in through another sewer entrance to a large underground chamber containing a stone altar to the cult's one-eyed amphibian Chaos god. The cult's leader was waiting there to meet with Voiron. Unprepared, he soon fell beneath the might of the Company of Crossed Swords!

As the party looted the body, Aehie examined a golden bowl, full of dark liquid, resting in a niche behind the altar. As she probed the liquid with a stick, it crawled out of the bowl on amorphous limbs and attacked! The creature's acidic slime burned her, and Martin suffered similarly when he came to her rescue. The thing then turned on the goblin Sniggazguk, consuming him and the mysterious packet he'd lifted from the Chaos priest's body. While the ooze dissolved the goblin, Martin cut the priest's head from his corpse and fled the room with the others.

Some time later, the party peered back; the ooze had returned to the bowl. Voiron then did his part, heading deeper into the sewer complex and retrieving the cult's idol from its guardians. Leaving the idol for the group to take, Voiron headed back into the unexplored areas. The party did not see him again…

Returning to the surface, the Company gave the idol and head to the priestess Camellia at the Temple of Trianoma, for which they received a sizable reward. Our heroes then went their separate ways in order to fritter away their newfound wealth in their own ways.

Losses & Loot
The party killed a vicar of the frog cult and received a 3,000gp reward, of which they turned over 1,000gp to Voiron. They also stripped the vicar of 4,000gp in jewelry.

For creatures defeated and treasures acquired over the course of the session, the party members that entered the sewers each received 1,530xp.

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